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Hello all!

The lovely Dragone has not been able to work on the Wiki for some time. I’d like to update more of it but need help from the community! Periodically I’ll pop up a picture of what’s currently in the Wiki, and if anyone can fill in the details please put up a screenshot of the needed data. I’ll post thanks in the second post here and delete the screenshots as they are entered into the wiki. Please pop up screenshots of other missing information as well!

All screenshots for missing info/updates is helpful, but occasionally I’ll feature a page that has data still missing.

Thanks in advance!


Wow! The mines filled in pretty fast. Still need a lot of the gem skips to confirm, but I’d rather continue filling in holes first. The next featured page to fill in is Farms. And go check it out on the actual Wiki! I played with it and the spreadsheet is now mobile friendly!! So please post any screenshots that show missing info, or anything that doesn’t have a last update listed.


Thanks to the following folks that have helped to improve the Wiki!

@Witch @Vivenna @Sakura @Duhlittle @Rekka @xxMJxx @Lord_Commander @Rome @VirtualJustice @goldensurfer779 @ Justine @Kailianna @Caeleste @ zero @Ciuscon @HamHamHam @flodejr @HarryDeB


Hi! I have a question regarding the wiki: For mines it states, that at level 16 there is an increase of 303 iron/h. I am at this point now and when I want to upgrade my mine to level 16 in the game, it states an increase of only 98. Did the devs lower it or is it just a mistake in the wiki? Because next level 17 the wiki also states a very high increase of 399, but if this is also a mistake, then I won’t go to level my mines at all and will focus more on raids to get iron and will build other buildings…

The Wiki was created before I started playing (April 2017); due to RL etc, the creators stopped updating it.

I do not know if anyone has taken over that job. @Coppersky?

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@Zarsten, between my mini and one of the Mixed Nuts I’ve got a start on updating the Mines page. There’s a screenshot at the start of this thread. The info for both levels in question has been updated, except for gems to skip.


Will help where I can Copper.

If I can make a suggestion: it would be helpful especially on the storage part to put total capacity rather than increase… or both.

Certainly on the food / iron storage portions that’s far more relevant but that was always the number I cared about on mines / farms too to figure out how long I could go without collecting (sleepy sleep! among other activities).

Would you like other data that’s missing posted here not just mines that are the current request? Lot of players in various stages might be able to collect some of the missing data, but seems awkward to just do a small bit at a time.

If it’s a bandwidth issue, get more editors :slight_smile:


I wonder if we should just take the gems skip out.

It really isn’t relevant to the vast majority of players.

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Well, now I’ve got it clearly marked if the gems to skip is part of the last update. I’ll leave it in there for now, because most of the work on that has already been done!!

And with the change for how the spreadsheets are managed/inserted into the wiki it was easy enough to set up the cumulative totals for storage and production at each level. I’ll be working through the different pages as I can. Hopefully it will be soon and we’ll have a mobile responsive wiki! (mines and farms have been set up)

Thanks! Will have a chance to add edits tomorrow!


Some update ^^

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New update:
Level player 48->49: only +1 world energy (sorry, no screenshot)
Level player 49->50: nothing

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Gems required to skip wait watchtower 15->16

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Gems required for skipping level 18-19 stronghold

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thanks HarryDeB! :slight_smile:

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Hello coppersky (:

watchtower 17->18 & 18->19 (with gems required to skip wait)

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See you soon for level 55… Here is the 51

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Gem skip costs for level 15 & 16 farms

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Last watchtower level… (OMG)

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Sweet! Thanks all! :grinning:

Sorry I didn’t do the screen capture, but here is the info addition for the google site.

Watch Tower Level 10 to Level 11

323000 Food Required
+1279 Food
+298 Iron
+13485 Food Storage
+4350 Iron Storage
Time 17h 55m
Gems to Skip 377

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