Dragone's Wiki for Empires & Puzzles!

Here’s the link for the game Wiki that Dragone has been working on! http://tinyurl.com/EmpiresRPG Some areas are still a work in progress, but it’s quite useful already. :relaxed:

Edit: a thread has been created here for posting screenshots for information that needs to be edited or updated!


Thanks for responding Coopersky. I used the link given here in the forum (the same one you gave in this post).
Then I clicked on “Other Third Party Resources”.
Then I clicked on " Level Winner Tips and Cheats Strategy Guide March 2017"
I was hoping for information on playing the special events.
Retracing my original actions to provide you this info I did not find any porn. Thank Gaea!

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Excellent work indeed.
Just a question, is adding XP/level for the MAP section in the pipeline please?

Unfortunately, Dragone hasn’t been active with the wiki in a long, long time. I was assisting it and can put updates, but I don’t believe I can grant permissions. At this time I’m unable to maintain the site myself, but would be willing to work with someone on it. There’s also another wiki that has been started, though I don’t know if it has that information yet. Mai’s guide to farming has this type of info for Season 1, and I think when completed, Hotdamness’s resource will have this for Season 2.

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