Resource Capacity Question

Is there any way to know how many resources either your Mine or Farm are currently holding before the icon above it turns yellow and it’s full?

I’m not sure if I got your question right but you can check the production per hour and the storage capacity of each mine/farm when you click on “more”.

For example, the advanced farm 10 will be full if you don’t collect the food from it for over 24 hours.

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Yeah I was kind of doing that, but I wondered if there was a way to just click on something and it would tell me exactly how much it had inside at any particular time.

Kind of how the watchtower will tell you what’s inside if you enter it.

No, unfortunately, the only way to find out how much food/iron it has is to collect it.

But if your farms/mines are at the same level, once you collect one of them, you’ll know that the others have the same amount.

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Okay cool. Thank you so much!

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As soon as a mine, farm or the watchtower has up to 10% of the internal storage the symbol for collecting will appear.
Advanced house also

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As a scatterbrain who often can’t remember how long it’s been since I’ve collected, I often wish for this feature.

Especially when about to do a build that takes almost the whole capacity, but I don’t want storage to overflow :woman_shrugging:

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Figure out how long your smallest mine/farm will take to fill. When a build is within X-30 minutes of completing, stop taking the resources as they appear.

I’ve been doing that for the low levels of HA, because they’re absurdly expensive. Let’s me have about 250k iron after spending the 2.7M on the latest one.

The difficulty, of course, is remembering to not click on the mines.


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