Wich path for C Rigard?

Wich path have you chosen for your C Rigard? And why?:wink:

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Mana with the costume bonus will drop his break point even further.

Can charge in 9 tiles with a level 1 mana troop.

Main benefit to this is that you can use your main mana troop elsewhere


Definitely health and defense path, to increase his survivability. Increasing his attack stat does not give you the advantage he could.
You can switch between his two costumes, sometimes the cleric costume makes more sense (for titan f.x.).
Tile damage should come from your other purples.


So you think it’s worth to renounce to the Def node for mana gain @Guvnor?:thinking:

I know that @Coralline…I’m interested in your opinion about this psrticular node :wink:


I also prefer HP nodes over defence nodes personally because of DoT.

Rough calculation is that 2HP = 1 defence point in terms of direct damage. HOWEVER DoT ignores the defence stat… So more HP combats DoT while defence nodes do not.


Sorry, I just got your question.
I’m still saying defense - just looked, and there’s only one mana node so it would only give you the 2% mana boost once. Even the last node is a crit one.

Edit: hmm, of course you should look at the non-costumed talent grid, right? the costumed ranger path would just copy what you did there.

Edit 2: Well thanks :smiley: now I have to consider re-embleming my Rigard to find the optimal solution between both emblem paths! :smiley:

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And having said that, go for the mana node on that particular one, Guvnor is right. It fits health and defense on the non-costumed emblem path.

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That’s true, my friend…good point!:wink:

I won’t disagree with this as I think it’s personal preference and your point is valid. :slight_smile:

The only case where I’d disagree and strictly advice to go Def > HP is when the hero is in your war defense team. Prioritizing HP will make your defense team unnecessarily worth more points in wars. :slight_smile:


In that case I could also free my Mana Troop Lvl 11!!!:wink:

C Rigard is not in my Def War/Raid Team; I use him on offense against DOT Velas, GMs, and soon Clarissas…so @Guvnor’s point is good!:wink: Thanx @Aquaginera_7DD for your contribution :wink:

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And…happy and good Cakeday @Aquaginera_7DD :wink:


Picking mana node is not a great idea, you still need a mana troop to get these sweet 9 tiles. And if you have so, it’s really easy to go to lvl 5.

Meanwhile with defensiv node you will be able to survive longuer. Everybody focus too much on dot, dont Forget there is still 2 snipers behind who hit like trucks with 18 emblems.

By the way ranger is a very good class in a purple stack against both guin and telluria. Passing through these annoying def buffes is key.

Last but not least first task with rigard is to cleanse, at least with his hot is covering you between two charges.

The only reason I still use non costumed is playing with Gazelle.

Otherwize costume is just too strong without even mentioned attack buff.


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