Bai - which emblem path

I think attack>defense is the way to go. Also do I grab the early mana bonus or go for the extra attack on the other side ? Does 2% make a difference?

Bai-Yeong is a Fast Mana hero.

From another thread:

So in order to mana break Bai, you need a cumulative total Mana Boost of 15%.
Troop Level 29 = 15%
Troop Level 23 + Class Bonus = 13% + 2% = 15%'

Another option:
Class Bonus + Elemental Link + Troop Level 11 = 2% + 4% + 9% = 15%
+ Elemental Link + Troop Level 17 = 4% + 11% = 15%

So basically, the 2% mana node drops your required troop for mana breaking down by one rung.


If he’s going to be on your defense (which, he really shouldn’t), then the mana might be beneficial. However, if he’s going to be mainly on offense (which, this is his best application) then the extra attack node is more beneficial.

The +2 mana is not going to affect too much on offense for fast heroes.


Great info, thank you both.

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