Why mono-color team for special events?

Please, explain me why during special events players use team in one color? As I see more same color in team → less chance for this color tiles for begining. It really gives much damage to design from any other colors (excepting Wu Kong)?

More heroes in the same color → more dmg from 1 puzzle → you can kill enemies faster and get better points
You must reapet levels many times if you want get top 100

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This isn’t accurate, as best we can tell. It’s the same distribution no matter how many heroes you bring of a given color.

But monocolor stacking is a high variance strategy, because statistically speaking, 43% of boards will have 6 or fewer of your stacked into color. And even the boards with 7 or 8 tiles of your color may be hard to make matches on.

So basically, a bunch of the time, the boards will just naturally make it hard on you. But the times where the boards are good, you can really run up there score.


I only use monochrome teams. The tile damage is significant. For example my red team averages 1500 per tile in damage. Add Wu and it’s over 2k. A fully leveled 5 90% of the time will die with only 3 tiles. It’s very risky because if you start with a bad board chances are you won’t do good. But a mediocre board can rap huge benefits. I run a red team of Wilbur, Marjana, Grave, Azlar and Boldtusk. 3800 Tp. I raided a 4100 team and wiped them out in roughly 20 seconds. Opened up with good board and it activated all specials. Wilbur the. Boldtusk, then marjana, grave and Azlar to finish them off. I moved 1 tile that set off a combo that activated all specials. Game over.

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I’ve just started experimenting with mono teams (previously only used them with my last flags in war). I have the same team as you, although my GM is only at 3rd chevron so my power is lower. Regardless, the last raid I just did against a team over 4000 was wiped out.

I’m trying to get practice so I become better at judging when it’s time to go against the tank or the flank. On that team, I took a chance against an emblemed BT tank but because it had two greens, I thought I’d try.

I can certainly see the appeal of mono (when it works!) but my question now is when is it not recommended?

I haven’t have great luck with mono against titans. I like to bring Wu so I mostly stick with 4 - 1.

I’m afraid to experiment with mono on quests and challenge events. Any advice?

EDIT: also, I keep coming across two contradictory statements from players who say:

a) my bench isn’t deep enough yet to use mono so I use 3 - 2 OR

b) I have a deep bench so I use 3 - 2 and I don’t need to use mono

One of these statements can’t be accurate?

@Halifax I heard you were the guru for mono team advice!

Challenge events I only use mono. I have a lot of maxed 5’s so it makes it easier. For titans go with a 4-1 with Wu. Mono is a huge risk. The board gods can screw you over bad and you won’t be able to recover. Or they can bless you and you win in 5 seconds. In raids I’m not normally 6/6 or 5/6. Experiment with if in Atlantis hard mode. I know most people in my alliance do 3-2 or 2-2-1. Probably safer that way until you have a lot of maxed 5’s

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People always say mono is a huge risk because bad boards screw you over.

The flip side of this would be go Rainbow because you never have to worry about bad boards…

…but that’s not true, is it? Rainbow can have bad boards. So can 2:2:1. And 3/2 and 4~1.

Bad boards often = loss no matter what you run.

But mono effectively gives you an extra special, as 3 tiles hit for as much - or MORE damage than the most powerful specials in the game.

I have a +7 Lianna and she can’t one-shot a +7 Guin. But my mono purple team puts a 3 tile combo into a +7 Guin and Guin dies.

I always mono for the tank. My win rate is over 75 percent and I only fight 4100 teams or over. I’ve been #1 globally and frequently top 10, nearly daily top 100. And my teams are made of a mix of 4 and 5 star heroes with some 5stars only partially ascended. My Joon on my yellow squad is 3/70. Most of my 5s are 4/50ish (I’m building a super deep war bench and that means sacrificing the top 30 or so levels on all 5s except my war defence team.

When my mono teams are fully leveled they’ll be even stronger.

I toy with 3:2 often, but don’t find it has the striking power and I don’t do quite as well - though that is definitely viable as well.

I think 4:1 is unwise. You give up the huge hit of mono for only a marginal safety valve. For me it’s mono or 3:2 always.


Is special event = challenge event?

In challenge event, you aim for the highest score possible, mono have higher variance than rainbow, which means it is easier to get good score. People aiming for top spot will repeat a stage multiple times, many of those might be bad or average run bit in the end, only the best run is counted.

4:1 only if the 1 is Wu, Tarlack. I only run mono, hate rainbow. Takes forever. I like to win in 20 seconds or less. Lol

On titans yes, but in raid war, you deplete your tiles charging up the 4 so if Tarlak or Wu fire they’re massively out of sink and often looking at few tiles - I was doing 4/1 w Tarlak but gave up when he wasn’t really making the most out of his hits

I use Wu on my yellow team only. No need for Wu in raids or wars. In wars I put drake in his spot or inari.

I went mono green on this last Trial and did better than when I previously included Boril and Rigard. I’m going to enjoy discovering when/where I can go mono (based on my poor yellows), and I’m looking forward to having something fresh to experiment with.

I have used my first mono attack team, ever (two years), in the current raid tournament. Amazing.

My team is Triton+18, Kiril, Boril, Kiril, Valeria. TP under 3500 is suffering no dead heroes from 400 point higher defenses.

Don’t think I will go mono in any other fight, but it worked very well this time.

I use to run mono 100% for events. However, for about a year now I have been running Wilbur + Wu (now Ranvir or Miki) + 3 of the same color. Most of the time its 4/1 With Wilbur + 4 Yellows or 4 Blues. I completed the Halloween event with Wilbur - Miki - Magni - Arthur - Ariel

Wilbur + Wu \ Tarlak \ Miki \ Ranvir has been much better than straight mono due to Wilbur allowing you to hit fro anywhere on the board there is an enemy.

For PvP, Im still 100% mono.