Team building help please

I have seen a lot of colour differentiations for offense teams. Just by looking at other offence team make me to thing about “What colour is the best for me and should i do rainbow or 3-2”. Do you guys have any tip for me to build a colour team? :upside_down_face: :grin: :sweat_smile: :pleading_face:

note my Tiberius is actually 3 stripe 50 :sweat_smile:

i was thinking about team like Tiburtus, By-Ulf, Proteus, Melendor, Rigard in this order.

but i Don’t know if that will work.

Color team are not something that you build on advance. Usually, you assemble a team to counter a particular defense.
Say, you are going to clean a map stage and you know that it has purple and blue mobs and red boss. As boss is most dangerous and strong, it is worth going strong against red, so take at least 2 blue heroes. Or 3 blue and 2 yellow since yellow is strong against a half of mobs and neutral against others.

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So it is depend a pond to the creature i fight?

Do u guys have any struggles against in raid beacuse i do .

It’s difficult for me to give you a perfect answer here, because your roster is still fairly new and unleveled, and there are lots of different strategies for different situations… all mostly depends on which heroes you have available…

Generally speaking? When attacking TITANS:

Stack your attack team heavily with the colors that the titan is weakest against.
That doesn’t mean always go mono (5-0)… it depends on the heroes you have available, certain heroes will still be better than others vs. titans, even if they aren’t the ideal color for that particular titan.

When putting up RAID DEFENSE

Rainbow is usually good here because if your raid defense is too heavy in one color, your opponents will try to stack their offense teams with the opposing color.

When it comes to RAID ATTACK TEAMS

There are many different strategies. Rainbow is usually considered the weakest, because you won’t get many strong hits from it. The one advantage to using a rainbow offense is that you will at least deal some damage with every color tile.

The opposite of that is mono (all the same color) offense. Let’s say your opponent has a very strong yellow tank on their defense team. You can stack your attack team with 5 purples, and if you get enough purple tiles, you’ll probably be able to take out their tank very quickly (sometimes in a single turn). This can be very effective. However… it can also very easily backfire if you don’t have enough purple tiles on your board to make good matches. Which is why most people go with some variation of 3-1-1 or 2-1-1-1 or 3-2, etc. Just to be safe and not leave themselves fully at the mercy of the boards.

But again… it depends on the heroes you have. Sometimes it’s actually better to use a 4/70 4* blue hero against a green opponent than it is to stack a bunch of half leveled reds.


Yes, it depends on a type of a creature you are about to deal with. Moreover, it is applicable to special skills of your heroes, not only their colors. If your enemy’s special applies buffs to their allies (defense up, riposte, attack boost etc) it is good to have despeller in your team. If, in contrast, enemy can put ailments on your team (blindness, attack or defense debuff) you’d like to take a cleanser with you.

Of course, this requires a diversity of your roster and this is a goal for your growth: has as many heroes with different skills and in different colors as possible.

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you can go with 3-2 formation. as proteus as a key player, based on yor rooster i would go with 3 purple and 2 blue. or 3 purple, 1 blue, 1 yellow.

rigard (cleanser and heal)
proteus (mana stop)
tiburtus (Defensif down)
sonya (dispeller)
valen or li xiu (mana cut)

tomorrow AR, hope you can get better hero min 4* hard hitter like triton.

thanks but are are u talking about Valen 3* or Butchan? and what is AR?

This doesn’t make sense against purple bosses. Many season 1 stages have them. Actually, at early stages rainbow team works pretty well.

valen for blue. AR is Atlantis Rise.

it isok Suurikora i finished season 1 already and now i am working on both season 2 and 3:smile:

Atlantis raise. A special event when Season 2 maps can be cleans for lowered amount of world energy and Atlantis summon portal is available.

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oh ok now i get it. thank every one :smile: :smiley: :grinning:

yup, you’re right. For season, you can use all formation.

is your question for raid or season?

i’m a FTP, so I’ll try build a competitive hero for raid with 4*.

i am trying to do raid beacuse i am like destored every time i do that!

i hope every one here is going to have a great pull tomorall!!!

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