Would you still be as good without mono/stacking teams?

Do you think you would be just as good at this game if mono/stacking was not an advantage? If you didn’t get all the extra damage from stacking hero colours, and in fact, a rainbow team was the only way?

Maybe you ARE already a rainbow team user all of the time or 99% of the time, so it really doesn’t or wouldn’t affect you at all.

Personally, I struggle when I go back to using a rainbow team, I forget just how little damage your tiles do from only using one of each element. Though I think I would still be fine at completing events and such but it would be more difficult, that’s for sure.

Maybe they should introduce some events/trials that make it so we MUST use rainbow teams.


I usually go rainbow for PvE. Boril + 3 Healers + Wu = very good PvE team ever. With rainbow, you are always have one healer charged, and Wu gives reasonable tile damage.

Springvale, Costume Quest, Legendary CE - I completing all with this team. Rigard - Melendor - Boril - Boldtusk - Wu. Full rainbow.


For PvE I always play rainbow.

For raids I play 3-2. Since my bench is overwhelmingly S1 I would definitely not do as well playing rainbow. Probably be low-mid platinum instead of low diamond.

For wars I am currently playing mono. It’s the best way for me to maximize all six flags, especially against mono tank opponents. In rainbow I would have two, maybe three good rainbow teams.

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I play mono or, actually, 4+Wu Kong against titans and in challenge events. Recently I played mono against Telluria.
I farm rainbow and do all the quests including rare.
In raids my favourite format is 3+2. With a rainbow team I’ll probably lose more.

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Even if you didn’t get the damage bonus from stacking, I still feel it’d be pretty effective given you’d charge all your specials at once. I don’t use a rainbow team for anything, ever. Tile damage from a rainbow team is nothing short of pathetic.


I stopped going mono after the whole vel and tel trend took over. too risky to mono red if vela goes off and destroys the team. so I guess not

Would you be as good at poker if you didn’t use face cards?


Mono Green with a reviver > Telly/Vela


Mono green can be great against it… Depends who you’ve got.

I usually 3-2 it, but bringing Telluria to fight back on man’s regen game and Locke to cleanse and kill just works.

Depends who’s on your mono red…

Grazul? Vela is no trouble and you’ll usually be firing first.
JF? Vela is no trouble if you fire first.
BK? Again, Vela is no trouble if you fire first.

Zimkitty? Cleanse is your friend :yum:

Yes, it’s still coming down to a good board or not to a noticeable extent, but that’s always been the case if you decide to stack heavy.

I’ve found 3-2 with reds and greens (either way around!) reliable - bringing JF, BK, Telluria and Lady Locke has it pretty well covered whilst still being capable of killing it… Throwing in a hitter in the 5th position just ices that cake.

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that’s only true when you have red tiles to match early enough in the match.

I go 3-2 with a yellow red stack and find a lot more success.

having 2 colors really ups the odds of having a favorable board.

it’s different against kunchen though- mono all the way

With any stacking you need tiles… When one of two hero’s provide the counter, having them in multiple colours obviously covers the bases better and raises the chance of a “good enough” board.

I could go either way with Kunch… Splitting the field to bring JF to cover against lacking yellows works pretty well - he may not be as punishing of bad boards, but I like covering bases.

I’ve done the mono thing and the variability is such a mixed blessing… It can really punch above its weight, or it can frustrate like nothing else!

In Diamond definitely no. In the higher leagues are too many emblemed high class 5 star heroes. Rainbow brings you regularly damage and mana but the opponent is fully charged too quickly and usually so powerful that you die before you can take out anyone. Formally I hate to fight mono but the chances to beat the opponent with a rainbow team is as high as with mono. Guess I changed to mono when facing GM regularly in raids. After other fast mana HOTMs joined the roster of the top players, I do not dare to try rainbow again.


Like others have said: I really appreciate the extra power from tiles.

I alternate between mono and 3/2 for raids and wars (I always use 3/2 for world map etc., and as much as possible for quests). I never go rainbow anymore, even with Class Quest restrictions my minimum would be 2/2/1. Heck, the power difference between 3/2 and mono is already pretty steep!

(still annoyed because I lost a raid where I stacked 3/2, and the enemy tank hung on with like 50 health, and no useful tiles in either color came up…! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

And against stronger (heavily-emblemed) enemies, speed is key… kill as many of the enemy as you can before specials charge up…

I’ve tested both - my reds are Falcon/Zim/Anzogh/Marj/Grazul

Greens are North/Telly/Kingston/Lianna/Eve

Greens are significantly more successful. Reds are way too dependent on a good starting board

Greens with a reviver (North/Alby) can recover from horrible starting boards. I’d say 20-30 percent higher success rate anecdotally

As good on titans? Definitely not. My scores would then only be slightly above average most of the time.

As good on wars? Ehhh probably not. I’ve successfully used stacking to take down (or at least severely injure) some pretty big opponents; without stacking, it would probably be mostly flesh wounds.

As good in raids? Yes.
I very rarely stack on raid offense any more.

I know, I know, stacking is the best way to kill X or Y tank, etc. Just that… when you stack, you are 100% at mercy of the boards. And raids only give you the one chance.

Get a bad titan hit? No biggie, you’ll do better next time.
Fail to completely wipe a war opponent with one flag? No biggie, someone else can mop up the rest.
Go in heavy color stacked in a raid and get the wrong colors on your board?


Doesn’t matter if you take out 4/5 and 99% of the last surviving hero…
you still lose

Do not pass Go, do not collect 200 trophies.

At least rainbow gives me a small chance of being able to work with a mediocre board.

I still might lose, of course, but at least I’m able to make some use out of every tile on the board.

And for the record, no absolutely noooo I am not recommending that everyone raid with rainbow. It’s usually not the best strategy, and never the fastest. I just like it because

  • I don’t have to change my raid attack team every time I do a raid
  • I know what every hero does because I use them regularly
  • I don’t have to pray for only X color tiles, Y or Z color can also be helpful in a pinch

I rarely mono on raids… usually 4+MN, but often mono titans. Scores would definitely drop if rainbow and wars I am usually 3/2

I always use 3-2 in raids and war. For PvE sometimes rainbow for lower level, sometimes 3-2 for higher level.

For titan sometimes mono sometimes 3-1-1 based on rooster and titan color. because i lack on red and yellow rooster

Would you still be as good without mono/stacking teams?

Definitely not. If you don’t stack at least 3 against the tank, they will cast twice or even thrice before your heroes will be charged and your team will be whittled down too much or dead when/before the flanks and wings will fire. This won’t only happen against damage dealing tanks, it also will if the tank only heals.

Your chances of killing the tank with neutral mono tiles in wars is also much higher than to charge one after the other and the enemy has much time to recover from your sporadically shots.


On paper, you’re 100% correct. And 9 times out of 10, in real world practice, you’d still be at least 99% correct.

But I have managed to kill strong tanks using rainbow teams.

Was it easy? Hell no. As you say, they cast 2 or 3 times before you can even do anything. But it can be done. Especially if you have healers, dispellers, riposters etc.

Riposters in particular. Sometimes tanks kill themselves :wink:


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