Why are the wait times so long in this game?

Im new to these types of games and when I first saw this game i didnt think i would enjoy it, but to my surprise I am. Been playing it for close to 1 month now and I like most things about the game except for the wait times.

I understand you are trying to make money, so people need to buy Gems if they want to skip things, but you should really go over some of the wait times as its enough to put alot of people off this game (im almost ready to quit as well) and the average person wouldnt play this game because of the extra long wait times for some things.

I just upgraded TC 12 and its only a 3* hero and i have to wait 2 days for it to finish and if I skip it with gems it costs 3 times more then it would if i bought 1 3* hero from the summoning. The amount of time to create this hero should be no more then 300 gems in time.

I know your trying to make your game last but alot of people are not going to have this much patience. This is just one example of taking too much time.

Im also just making Stronghold 13 now and that takes 2 days, c’mon that is way to long for any game. Really not looking forward to getting to Stronghold 20 now, even though i was excited at first because i could make better heroes.

Its already costing alot of materials and stuff to make these things, so why does it also have to take so long as well ?

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this game designed to be slow pace game , not only building , to feed *5 till maxed need approx 1 month as well (color feeding). nothing you can do except be patient and find second game which is fast pace as you wanted


It doesnt make sense though when if your creating a 3* hero and its going to take 2 days to make it and if you want to skip it its going to cost 3x as much (900 gems and 300 to buy a 3* hero and chance at a 4* or 5* even) then if you were to spend those gems at the summoning does it ?

Also it takes the same amount of time to create a 3* hero at TC 12 as it does at tc20 i was told. Again this doesnt make sense at all.

Maybe this game is designed to take time, but the devs should really look at some things as the times are ridiculous for some things and compared to other things should be adjusted.

It makes sense because some people aren’t buying those 3* heroes - they are playing the game for free, and the training camp is a way for them to get more heroes. Simple as that, really. (It isn’t intended for you to spend gems to skip on those camps.)


Patience Young Grasshopper … all good things come to those who wait.

The game is designed to frustrate all but those willing to use a lot of patience. I’ve surprised myself at how much patience I actually have - playing for 22 months.


I’d suggest adjusting your expectations, as this is designed as a multi-year game.

That 2 day wait is going to seem like nothing soon enough.

You can like that or hate it — but the slow pace of the game is very much what the game designers have said they intended.

Nope, it makes no sense at all.

They don’t want people to skip those wait times with gems.

The building skip costs are astronomical too — especially when you get past the early part of the game that you’re in currently.

They’re meant to be prohibitively expensive so people won’t skip them. They take a long time by design.

Again, like it or hate it, that’s the game designers’ intention. They want it to be a very slow game.


How does it make sense though when it takes the same amount of days to train a 3* hero at tc 12 as tc20 for the chance at a 5* hero when youve had to spend so much resources to get to 20. TC 12 shouldnt take longer then 1 full day, any reasonable person should be able to see this.

Why? What about 1 day makes it more reasonable? TC20 will take you months to get to. You have to make a choice: 3* heroes right now at 2 days each, or a chance at 5* heroes in a few months. That chance is around a 5% chance, experimentally. The most common result is a 3*:


Well i probably wont be playing for that long as im losing patience already.

Games are supposed to be fun, whats so fun about spending so much time leveling up and getting to a part in the game where you can get a decent team, but you spend most of your time in idle (or waiting) then actually playing.

The game itself is pretty fun, the wait times are ridiculous. I would even pay $20 to make the wait times overall go alot quicker.

Maybe they could add something where you can upgrade your BUILDERS in the future from basic builders, experienced builders and elite builders and each one you upgrade makes the crafting go faster ?

Most of us find the fact that the game is a marathon rather than a sprint enjoyable. I like having long-term goals to work toward. And it produces a real sense of satisfaction when I finally accomplish something big.

Getting my stronghold to 20 was huge. Getting my first 4* hero to 4/70 felt great. Getting my first 5* hero to 4/80 was amazing. I was smiling for a day afterward. I’ve still got the screenshot, and I shared it with my alliance on Line.

Things that are quick and easy feel less significant to me (and, I suspect, to most of the long-term players). This game is about making decisions that play out over weeks and months, not hours and days.

Give it some time. You may find that the waiting makes the accomplishments all the sweeter.


I’ve often said that games should be fun, and this game isn’t for everyone.

The fact that I like it doesn’t mean you will.

It’s very possible you might not like it in the long run — if you’re losing patience already, I think it’s unlikely you won’t completely lose patience when the game slows down even more.

Leveling heroes and building your base are huge — and extremely slow — portions of the games.

You’ll be working on both for literally years if you keep playing.

I assume you mean you like playing the World Map, Quests, Raids, Raid Tournaments, Titans, Alliance Wars, Challenge Events, Class Trials, Rare Quests, and Seasonal Events — which is great!

Those are big parts of the game too, and you’ve got a lot of content ahead.

But those are all designed to go hand-in-hand with the slow progress of base and hero leveling. It will take you months to be able to complete a lot of the content, or compete effectively.

That’s why everything repeats, so you can replay Quests and Events each time they come around, and you’re a little stronger each time.

Seeing that progress over time is a lot of what long-time players enjoy.

That goes for more frequent gameplay too, like Titans, War, and Raiding. You’ll see slow but steady progress over time, as you accomplish long-term goals.

Please be cautious about this sentiment. $20 in this game won’t get you far for bypassing wait times.

I encourage you not to spend money on the game to try to speed it up.

It’s intended to be difficult to accelerate the game, even with money. You can make moderate increases to the pace by spending, but unless you want to spend huge sums, it will still be a slow game.

If you do want to spend a moderate amount while accelerating your progress a bit, VIP is the best deal in the game for that, as it adds a second Builder so you can work on more than one building at a time. $20 will notably contribute toward VIP, since it will cover a few months.

But it will still take you many months — even with VIP — to level your buildings in your base.


LOL You think thats bad??? Wait till you hear the wait times on the new stuff coming. The word months and years has been spoken


So what do you think of my idea about upgrading Builders then ? It doesnt have to cost money, just another building you work towards but this one will mean alot to people (including myslef I reckon) because this is something that would actually make a nice difference to the game.

It doesnt have to speed it up alot, just enough for all players.

The game should be suited for everyone, not just those they want to spend years to level up one hero (like ive read).

Faster builders would be a great addition to the game IMO and could only benefit everyone including the devs, because more people might actually play the game then and wont have to wait until they are old men to have a great team.

Because even though the builders are faster, there is no guarantee your going to get anything good anyway

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Wow, really ?

The devs think they might be making their game last longer, but really only the hard core will do this.

They need to accommodate all players if they want the most money and not many new comers are going to do this, just the players that have been playing for a long time.

I think it’s an interesting idea, albeit one that I think is unlikely to ever be implemented as a free early-game option.

I could see it possibly being something added for mid/late-game players, who have already hit Stronghold 20+.

More on that in a second.

It’s not really shocking, the existing buildings take many months (or over a year, without VIP) to level, so the addition of new ones are on a similar time scope, with increases over the buildings before them.

That said, many players involved in testing the Beta version have been giving feedback (myself included) that the current build times of the new buildings are too long.

More on that in a second.

Coming back to this: I suspect something like a paid Builder upgrade is an inevitability if the new buildings keep very long upgrade times.

It might not happen right away, but I think it would become a necessity to eventually offer newer players some way to accelerate building progress a bit. Starting on a 2-3+ year building process several years behind lots of other players would end up being too large of a gap, I think.

I think it’s a bad idea to end up in that situation, and have said so in my feedback shared with the game designers about the new buildings.

I think it would take the game into pay-to-play territory, and alienate long-time players who had to wait months or years for their building upgrades to finish.

If they were to consider a free version of that, where you could use building upgrades to research and develop additional or faster builders, it would really need to be part of the post-Stronghold 20 building expansion to not cause significant disruption to the existing player population.

But I’d rather just see them shorten the building times on the post-Stronghold 21 building expansion instead.


You could do it a few different ways and im sure the devs could think of better ways then me.

Could either add it into the VIP thing, you could have a building (similar to the barracks) where you can upgrade each builder seperately and assign those upgraded builders to each thing your doing at that time, or maybe just a building where is a way to get a builder of either , Basic, experienced or elite builders and you make them like heroes and the 5* builder would be the best of course.

I havent thought about it too much just come to me as i was typing this haha.

just buy gems and skip waiting, if it is too long for you.
people like that annoy me - first why is the wait time so long, then why is there no new content.

People like you annoy me, just suck up to the devs, thats why they never change anything.

If you think these wait times are normal and acceptable, maybe you should be a monk, or maybe you are already :thinking:

I think the waiting times are fine. If you can not handle the waiting times, you should worry about playing too much.

You said you play this game for a month right?
How do you know what has changed in the game over the 2+ years of its existence?
How do you know to what player’s requests the devs reacted and what changes did they come up with on their own?
Do you really have that deep a knowledge of this game?
Did you honestly think your topic would change anything when there are thousands and thousands of players playing this game for more than 1,5 year?
Maybe we are all monks and we are all wrong. Since you are not one, pick another game.


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