Poseidon or Kingston?

Hey guys
I have a Kingston maxed since some time. Recently I got Poseidon and I can max him, and I was wondering which one you guys think is the best as a sniper. For a rainbow def team I already have Alberich so I was thinking of replacing kingston with Poseidon? I have white rabbit too but he does not shine much.


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So you’re not currently running a rainbow D? If so you’d probably be better off with rainbow that double green

Both Poseidon and Kingston are extremely good heroes with very nice secondary effects, not much between them, you don’t lose much if anything. Poseidon reduces the Telly pain, and Kingston resists GM burn, and both of those are big in the meta currently, so again not much loss there

My last observation is that if you think Rabbit isn’t much good, you’re a hard marker. Yellow’s only def down hero and a pretty hard hitter. Perhaps if you’re holding him at 3/70 he hasn’t had the chance to shine yet. I don’t have him, but I would definitely prefer him to some of the other dross (second Leo, second Justice) which is warming my bench

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Totally agree with you. I have them both maxed, both very nice snipers, I’d lean a little more toward Poseidon for the mana protection and the family bonus (if you have another hero from Atlantis of the same family).

But you raised a good point: White Rabbit is a very good hero, I would max him before Poseidon, especially having already Kingston

My rabbit is 4/80 already with like 5 emblems. I dont know haha, he just does not shine much
Problem with rainbow team is that my only good purple hero is kage and I cant give him emblems because I have BK as tank…

Run costume li xiu if you don’t like rabbit. I’ll trade you.

I have Kingston+19 and Possy+7 atm, Possy is on my war defense because Im waiting for OP to give me his.

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You’ll definitely want Poseidon maxed… whether you be better off running Kingston vs Poseidon… why not just put both defenses up for a week or so and let the numbers speak for themselves? :woman_shrugging:

Just report back so we know. :slight_smile:

Try switching Kingston and Alby, too. I love Alby, but if you have another healer on your D, why choose if you can have them both?

Sorry Im confused what do you mean a second healer? I only have alby in defense that heals

I have Kingstone and he is amazing…the attack deff is incredible.

I use always Alberitch and Kingstone together…the mana boost is impresive.

If you are able to catch Ariel…mana mana everywhere

Had this problem was really down to my rosta,
I choosed Kingston as for my defence would of ended up having guin on it so poseidon would of been gone. But can’t go wrong with either one really.

Both are great snipers. Another pro for Poseidon would be his protection agains negative mana effects. So for example if you stack yellow with Lady Woolerton he would prevent her negative mana effect on herself also. Since both are fast this would be a great synergy.


Sorry. I meant if you had another healer. Wasn’t sure if the entire lineup

I have other healers but none is maxed. I have Ariel at 3/70… I regret maxing aegir. I also have LOTL but I dont use her.

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