Who to spend scopes on?

Looking for some opinions or “what would you do” type feedback. I have scopes to burn on one blue and my choices are narrowed down to Ariel, Snow White, and Frida (who I just recently pulled). My maxed blues thus far are Finley and Isarnia. I have Viv, Alby, and MT maxed so I have some okay 5* healer options but Viv is the only true “healer” of the group as others are HoT which is why I am considering Ariel to be my next maxed blue. SW and Frida are well worth maximizing too though. Interested in hearing opinions if they’re out there.

What is your game play? If you like titans, the elemental down with Frida could be good.

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All over the place actually. Quests, tournaments, titans, wars, challenge events. I generally participate in all the various aspects of the game as much as possible. And I’m sure that doesn’t help :joy:

I’m not familiar enough with Snow White so I’ll stay away from talking about her. With a defense down and devastating attacker already, Frida could add a killer touch. I’d look for more help too, maybe someone more familiar with Snow White.

Ariel is good too. I have her with emblems. But it sounds your less keen on a healer.

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Actually I am leaning Ariel but just am hesitant due to the other options.

With what you have, I’d go with Frida. A Frida/Finley/Isarnia combination would be devastating and would most likely result in a team-wide death, especially if you bring Wilbur along for the ride. Just remember, fire Finley first, then Frida, then Isarnia.


Great point! Thanks King!

Shouldn’t you fire Frida first, followed by Isarnia, then Finley?


I think Finley was mentioned first as he’s likely to get more hits in when hitting first as opposed to second or third. Would Isarnia or Frida firing first reduce Finleys chances of hitting multiple targets?

If you are fighting 11* or under titans, Frida can serve you at 3/70. If you are on 12* or higher, Frida needs the extra durability.

Ariel will never be a poor choice. She is still the best healer in the game.

Snow White takes planning and the right type of heroes. You our your opponent must load up the field with buffs or debuffs to get the most out of her. She works best if you have Wilbur or Aegir on your team. However, you already have Insarnia and I argue that her ease of use and debuff bonus (plus not erasing all the others) puts her on par with Snow White.


Well, when I think about it, Finley firing first would be logical as Isarnia and Frida would be removing the existing enemy buffs.


Unless the enemy has other buffs that can’t be dispelled by Frida in one of her skills, or by the changing of the status effect made by Isarnia from defense up to defense down. If the enemy would likely retain their other buffs like those coming from HOTMs which are undispellable, then I would likely chose to have Frida fire first, then Isa, then Finley.


Frida dispells buffs, so if you fire her first, you may end up nerfing Finley’s special skill.


Unfortunately, I neither have Finley nor Isarnia. I have Frida and Athena maxed though.

That’s what I thought. Thanks King

How would you compare Ariel to LOTL? One of the two is who I wanted my next fully maxed healer to be…

I have Snow White and find her invaluable. Though I don’t have any of the others mentioned, and you have great options, Snow makes you think a bit how to use her and that’s just fun.

She’s a rarely found character. I put her on my Def and hold around 2500 cups. Folks just don’t play against her often. And use her in most Off raids too, swapping her and Grazul around.

Being slow is a disadvantage but it usually works out anyways, buying time for more things to dispel. And she can replace the need for a healer in many matches.

Good advice given already. But don’t count Snow out, she’s fun. (But I’m also looking forward to leveling Guardian Chameleon… so take that as you will.)

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I have Guardian Chameleon at 3.70 currently so I am with you on that :+1:

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I have 6 scopes. Should I ascend Miki or Richard or hold out for better? I already have a fully maxed Misandra but eventually I forsee the dynamics of my team changing that will see Boldtusk, Kingston, Seshat, Neith, and Misandra dissolve and replaced with Seshat, Jean-Francois, Telluria, maybe Malosi, and a better Blue.

Miki! Always Miki for titans!

Full honesty, I only wish I had Miki

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