Help with next Leveling Choices

Hey Everyone,
I am looking for input on my next round of heroes to level. These are my current fully or very close to fully leveled 4/5*

Dark - Rigard 4/7013, Proteus,
Holy: Li Xui 4/70, Jackal 4/35
Ice: Grimm 4/70
8, Kiril, Triton 4/63
Nature: LJ 4/706, Melendor 4/709, Caedmon 4/70, Hansel 4/65
Fire: BT 4/707, Gormek 4/70, Falcon 4/709, Wilbur 4/70

Dark - Khiona 4/804, Sartana
Holy - Joon 4/80
Ice - Issy 4/802
Fire - Mitsuko 4/80
Nature - Evelyn 4/80*5

Current Defense: Evelyn-Issy-Mitsuko-Khiona-Joon. Keeps me in range of 2550-2700.

Here are my dilemmas on what to level next; input is greatly appreciated!!. My priorities are broad based. My Alliance is big in War and Titans. I have the mats to level 4 more 5* to finish a 2nd rainbow team. My current preference is listed first.

Holy: Onatel 3/70, Vivica 1/1, Justice 2/60, Leo 3/70. Onatel vs. Vivica. My thinking is to finish off Onatel but have no 5* heals. Thus my toughest decision. I currently use Rigard, BT and Mel for main heals.

Nature: Morgan Le Fay ( just pulled), Kadilan, Evelyn #2, Groot 3/35. Eve needs running mates. Was going to level Kadilen until I pulled Morgan 2 days ago. My gut says Morgan. 4* choices - Mel #2, Caedmon #2.

Ice: Not much to choose from here. Aegir 3/70, Richard 1/1, Thorne 1/1. Have been waiting this out for months. Tried for every blue 5* that has come up to no avail. Aegir best of bunch? Notable 4* choices - Kiril #2, Boril, Sonya, Valeria

Fire - No real choice here. Only have Elena. Notable 4* choices would be BT #2, Scarlett, Lance, Colin, finish Kelile 3/60.

Dark: Short tunics after Sartana. Going to work on 4* for a while. Choices are - Proteus #2, Merlin, Proteus #3, finish Sabina 3/60, Cheshire Cat

Any thoughts or comments are greatly appreciated. Even if they are to wait longer lol.

Merlin or Proteus 2. Prot probably better but Merlin is super fun.

Onatel - I have Viv at 4/50 and shes rarely used in war. 4* healers at average mana often heal your 5 heroes a bit when you need it most, rather than healing your 2 remaining heroes for more.

Green - gut says Caedemon. Save the 5* mats for Liana or another true sniper. 2nd Eve when you have a few more greens. But Eve1 Into Caedmon is strong. Outside recommendation is horg. Eve into Horg is gonna hurt the enemy a lot of you can sync up the firing. And horg A’s tank in Rush Raid tourney would be fun.

Aegir is the 2nd best tank in the game. Possibly best since so many teams are built to counter Guin. Richard is good, not great.

Dont up anything until you see better options since your current defense is solid.

Only up any of those mentioned by you if you are lacking offensive options for certain colors.

I’d say do Proteus number 3, then go back and do number 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Proteus is so good!

Thanks for the feedback. As tough as it is, I agree with waiting for better 5* green choices. Morgan has been my first non-TC20 pull since Onatel. Quite a drought. Biggest reason I had for leveling her was I had no other fast green 5* to pair with Eve other than Kadilen. But I do have Eve, Caedmon and Hansel plus LJ and Mel for a good green stack or 2. Will start on Caedmon #2. I do like the idea of Eve + Horg, especially in a 5* rush. Maybe after Caed #2 and I see if I get lucky with more TC20 pulls.

And Proteus #3 it will be.

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