Slow team ... or not?

Hi everyone! I’m FTP and would love your advice.

I have exactly one compass and enough mats to ascend a 4-star to 4.70 or a 5-star to 3.70.

Team 1 heroes are average or fast. I could have ascended both Grimm and Sonya last week, but I went for Caedmon instead. He’s maxed now, but waiting on emblems because Melendor does not want to share.

Behold Team 2, which my kid has named “The Slow Ones.” They are my farming team at the moment.

I think I’m lacking snipers. Joon is still waiting on that final dart.

I could just wait it out. Level up Skittles? Level up duplicate Melendor, Kiril, Sabina?


Hello! You lack heroes who lower defense. Uploading to Grimm could be more useful than Sonia or another Kiril. It will help you more in titans. By the way Kiril will not be the only blue you will have complete. Maybe someone can say something better, I don’t know, but maybe my advice may help me.


  • Focus on leveling some more 4s until you have the mats for a 5. A 4.70 4* is usually better than a 3.70 5*.
  • Having a team full of slow heroes may not be the best team. They’re likely to die before they can fire. We don’t have to tell the kiddo that, though :laughing:
  • Since I see some fully leveled 4s and 5s in your roster, I’m assuming you’re asking what is the next hero you should level. Based on that assumption, I think Grimm, Sonya or Chao are your best heroes. Ghost Girl is fun as well especially for titans. You also have to consider if leveling Chao would take your mats away from Joon (as you’ll definitely want to level him once you get your dart!)

Thank you for the reply! Depending on how I stack, I use Gormek for defense down, sometimes Buddy. But yes, I lack a blue defense down, so I’m eyeing Grimm. I do have a collection of warm capes. :slight_smile:

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Yes, you’re reading my mind! :slight_smile: Need to start my next leveling project. I usually push all my 4-stars to 3.60 … but I really don’t like watching vine animation, so Skittles is still 1.1.

I might do Grimm. Everyone seems to love him. Most of my maxed heroes are average speed though, if that matters.

My kid loves Ghosty. He’d max her in a heartbeat. I use her for my purple stack with Sabina and Domitia.

And I totally agree, maxing a 4-star is easier … When I maxed Mitsuko and Domitia, I couldn’t believe how they just sucked up those emblems!

I would consider Chao, but he’d take an orb from Joon. Just one more dart …

I maxed Little John because I had no mana controller at the time. He normally dies before firing. Just as you said.

So maybe it’s between Grimm and Sonya?

Thank you for the detailed reply! :slight_smile:

@LadySuzanne advice is the best logically. I learned the hard way to focus on 4* roster first.

Out of Grimm, Chao and Sonya… depends what game play you prioritize, for all around play (titans raids war quests) … Grimm is easy choice.

But if alliance war is big priority… then Sonya. If you pull her costume… she becomes even more valuable with ability to switch from debuff enemy to clean status ailment from team.

I found Caedmon , Sonya, melandor and Rigard … and having clones of those 4* debuffer or dispellers… really fill out an effective war roster when you have to send in 6 teams.

So I vote for Sonya because of her costume option and war utility

Also meant to include Sabina.

Reading your comments helped clarify things, thank you!

I really want six strong war teams. I’m not there yet. Might just give those capes to Sonya after all. She was my first 4-star, and she’s been waiting over a year to ascend. :slight_smile:

Her costume looks great too. I don’t have any cleansers.

Thanks again!

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The 4* costumes are nice boosts to really useful core heroes.

War is a lot of fun… and since it requires a broad roster of heroes built over time…, I used that to set a strategy for how I would build my roster. Which is good because it helped me focus on 4*… since 5* are great feeling to pull but takes so much investment of time to level,

Oh… btw for 5*… you will be very happy with Joon. Great all around hero for titans, defense and offense. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like Joon.

But if not Joon … I would prioritize a 5* tank. Surrounded by 4* flanks and wings… should do well on war and raid defense .

You re doing an usual mistake that reduce your progress in game. Several activities ask for a deep bench in game, you need mono for titan, 6 war teams for wars, bench for weekly tournament and so on…

If you focusing too early on 5* you ll exhaust your ressources. Looking for your roster you re at a point where increasing your 4* roster is key.

Consider you need 25 to 30 4* fully maxed before considering your 5*, it will help you to find a good alliance which fight the titans you need to increase your 5* roster then.

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I have the Melendor costume, but haven’t leveled that yet. Also the chef BT costume, but no hero for it.

Do you use any costumed heroes?

BTW, love your avatar! Do you have a shiba too? :slight_smile:

I love Joon. He was our very first 5-star hero. We saved gems. My kid really wanted a yellow hero, so we did the elemental summons.

Joon is great. Been waiting a long time for that dart. :slight_smile:

I was thinking Mitsuko for tank? Right now Buddy is tanking. Switch it up?

Yes, lots of mistakes on my end! :slight_smile: I remember accidentally feeding away 3-stars, before I discovered how to lock them. And it took forever to finally join an alliance, even though it’s been over 18 months since I started playing.

I’m trying to focus on the 4-stars more. Thank you for your advice!

My dog is actually a mutt… no idea she is so mixed up haha. The profile pic is “menswear dog”… he is a famous Instagram shiba. I just think it’s funny pic.

I am definitely using the costumes … I was happy it helped to boost classic heroes and also help with more variety on hero roster. I am leveling them now… and plan to have at least 2 versions of heroes ready for war.


Joon Was my first 5* hero also. Felt very lucky to pull him… there are people in my alliance with deep rosters and they don’t have him yet.

I actually just leveled mitsuko … and she is now my tank for war (our alliance runs red tanks, I was using Boldtusk … who is a great 4* tank … for a year on war)

Buddy is great! I always bring him as my second green for attack,

Have you tried to tank mitsuko… flanked by buddy? She has stronger stats to take more hits. But buddy next to her could be good support.

I found this chart super handy … check out buddy on it for left flank

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I am still making mistakes… but the forum really helps

Yeah joining an alliance changes the game. It’s designed as a social Mobile game… so that’s important part of how this game works.

Also…,. You progress faster when u join an alliance

I joined twilights bastion alliance 6mo into the game and it’s been great

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