Room for feeders and roster space

Just pulled Buddy and want to start getting into him but have no room for feeders lol

I already bought more roster room with fifty gems. I know it’s cheap but I’m FTP remember lol.

I’ve hoarded heaps of dupe 5* but don’t know for what reason!

Is it really worth it to get another lot of 5 spaces do you all think? Cheers

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Honestly, I’ve bought 50 over time. It is much more convenient for myself and that makes it valuable to me. It’s just a matter how important dupes are to you and how you feel about 1 feeder at a time. What else would you spend those gems on? If that outweighs this, then save them.


It was worth it to me. I have 45 slots for feeders and trainers. A total of 147. Hero’s Academy might eventually free up some space.


In all my mobile games ( Pokémon GO, Ingress, etc. ) I always max my storage.

Since Empires does not have max storage, I just buy hero storage as I need it.

If I decide to weed out some duplicates, then I just have more storage available for collecting from camps.


I think 50 gems to hold onto duplicates you may one day level or possibly use for Hero Academy is a low price relative to 1/6th of another Dawa. :man_shrugging:


I went ahead with it, thanks guys

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As a P2P & Hoarder, I have bought heaps of extra slots (think i got 220 or something now).

Worthwhile? Possibly… After playing for more than 1.5 years, I have definilty got more than 90 levelled heroes across 3,4 & 5* heroes… That doesn’t include the space needed for feeders after collecting & before levelling (need 10 spaces imo)…

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Yes a hero storage locker, somewhere to park my duo guardian owls and mok holding hands with Quintas along with other duplicates and heroes you will get around to leveling one day, scrolling through endless heroes and now with the addition of series 3 that you want to save plus I do one costume and a duplicate of them all it’s getting massive. Happy to buy for small gems just like extra slots, cmon make some more money outta me :grin:


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