Who to ascend + My Noobish Roster and The Event!

Hi guys. First things first, my roster and mats:

I am pretty a beginner (3 months in) but I‘ve gained a lot of info through forums and ingame chatting. Everybody has his Kryptonite Item and mine seems to be the COMPAS. In 3 months I could acquire 2 compasses in Loot boxes, the third was from Farholme. Cause this Compas is limiting the ascension of ANY hero I wanna ascend carefully.

So here we are:
I have 4 Traptools but Aeron is not gonna get them for now!
I have 4 sturdy shields. I figured for myself I would go with Caedmon looking on my Roster, what do you think?
I have 3 Orbs but I hate Li, she will stay down at 3/60!
I have 3 hidden blade! Thats where the decision is I have to make. I love Boldtusk, he was my first 4* and he is an absolute beast!!!

Would you go with Caedmon (or Mel - depends on your argumentation) just now or should I wait for the last hidden blade for Boldtusk? Or is it not worth waiting because until I get another hidden blade I am likely to get another Compas?

My priorities:
Titan>Raid offence>Allywar>Raid defence>Farming

Fighting 8* Titan at the moment - most times B Loot, sometimes A.

I appreciate any participation and argumentation!!

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I’d say Mel since you have no other pure healers. Boldtusk is the clear favorite so not a terrible idea to wait a bit and see if you get another Blade before you get another Compass.

Hello. I’m a boldtusk and caedmon fan. Mel is cool. Boldtusk is one of my favs. Caedmon …

My vote goes to Green Gandalf, especially if his special isn’t maxed yet. You don’t have enough to ascend Boldtusk yet, so a fully maxed healer with a debuff can only be a good thing for now!

Didnt take into account that Mel is 7/8. boldtusk and Caedmon both are 8/8!

Overall I would’ve said Boldtusk would be the one I’d want to get to max first. With the priorities you’ve listed, he is especially the first choice in my opinion. The 48% attack boost is excellent for Titan fighting and any offense really; the downside is he doesn’t heal a really high percentage. In certain situations you could join him up with Melendor for much more healing power on the team. So I would wait for the 4th hidden blade (or another compass might come your way).

Assuming Boldtusk will get maxed, then for the greens I would go with Caedmon next, again given your priorities… but for AW healers are very important, so there is a bit of a trade-off there.

Side note, if you can add a Wu Kong to the team… Wu + Boldtusk + Tiburtus or Grimm, with 2 heroes of the color strong against the Titan’s color, aiming for high tile damage… the Titan is not going to have a good time. This is the formula that gave me a major boost in Titan scoring.

Side note #2… it looks like you’re a ways off from having mats to ascend any 5*… in general I would focus more on 4* for the time being.

Thanks for your opinions! I guess I‘m leveling Tiburtus to 4/70 now and see if I can get either a compass or a hidden blade in the meantime. If not I‘m gonna ascend Melendor after Im done with Tib. I think thats the best approach.

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Hey man. You gave nice explanations let me ask another thing. Do you guys think I can vomplete the pirate challenge that popped up today? I mean I can do the rare stage for sure.

What you say for Epic and legendary? Is it possible to complete those? And what Heroes would you take to complete it?

Edit: Since I hope I can complete epic I already ascended Mel and try to power level him since he has to help me in the event :smiley:

With some items, Epic should be possible.
Honestly, I doubt you can do legendary. (Well, with time stops, tornados, dragon attacks maybe - but you will need a lot - and no Wu).

Rare, yes should be doable without too many problems (last stage is always challenging though, will usually need potions/items). You’ve got 6 3* at or near max, with purple reflect I think you’ll pretty much be using Hawkmoon - Bane - Valen - Carver - Gan Ju.

Epic, yes I think you can pull that off too but the later stages won’t be a walk in the park. Baseline team to start from, I’d say Melendor - Grimm - Boldtusk - Scarlett or Caedmon - Li Xui. But you have options here. I tend to change up my team as I progress through the stages (that applies to all difficulty levels) because on earlier/easier stages you won’t need as much defense and so not having a healer is typically fine, but on later stages you definitely will need defense/healing obviously. I know you’re not a big fan of Li Xiu, but this challenge has purple reflect and so will be heavy on purple enemies, and Li Xiu is your only yellow 4*. Also, I find her mana stealing ways can at times really give a tactical advantage, though she doesn’t pack a very huge punch.

Also… you may find swapping in Boril could help, especially when the going gets tougher - his reflect ability can really make a difference to take out stronger hard hitting enemies. You may have to experiment a bit, maybe even putting in a Bane, mostly on earlier stages probably (while still keeping Li Xiu) could help take down the purple guys quicker, but also he may die too quick… but you can replay levels and just try what works best. I think Grimm and Boldtusk you’ll have on the team every stage, possibly Melendor as well (on later stages for sure). If you’re tempted to use Tiburtus, you can try but he’ll be hurt by the purple reflect, and you have Grimm with the same ability so I’d stick with him instead.

Legendary, I won’t call it impossible but I think it would be very very tough to pull off. I’ve got 9 4* fully maxed now (and a 5* Magni but he is only at 2/29) and I haven’t managed it yet, but I’ll give it another shot this time - it is entirely possible I’m not that good at the challenge events so you may have better luck… :slight_smile: Then again, legendary is meant for a 5* team…

Good luck!

Thanks mate. That sounds reasonable! I will keep the Baseteam of Boldtusk, Grimm and Melendor (I dont care for score. I just wanna complete) and depending on Bosses I will juggle with Scarlett, Tiburtus, Boril and my beloved LiXiu!:smiley:
Wish me luck;) I will report my results!

Alright. Epic is :white_check_mark:. Didnt use items until stage 10 except for antidotes. Scarlett was performing really welll!

Nice, and that was pretty quick too! I like Scarlett a lot, she packs a lot of punch… higher attack points than most 5* (hint: good against Titans!). The other side of that coin is that she’s a bit low on defense.

Yep. I am trying legendary now. I have my Horghall at 2/60 maybe I take him for Scarlett so i get the nice Debuff but have a tankier hero

Curious to see how far you get!

I just did it!!!

I just finished the legendary Event with:

Boldtusk(3/60) LiXiu(3/60) Scarlett/Boril(3/60) Melendor(4/30) Grimm(4/70)

I did not lose any level but used one 75 Diamond rebuy on stage 10!

My Scores are horrible but that‘s because I analysed every board so long that I barely did a fight below 10 minutes. The fight on level 10 was 18 minutes!!

I am super happy now that i completed both epic and legendary event for the first time. My Boldtusk parties now on steroids with his last missing hiddenblade. Yeah \o/


Wow really well done, congrats! Those scores don’t look that terrible to me… I won’t get to Legendary till possibly Saturday, but now I really have to try to beat it, no excuse left for me! :sweat_smile: