Who to ascend....purple problem

I have kageburado, sartana, tothamun, seshat (2 of them) at 4/80
I have guardian panther, kunchen, obakan, domitia at 3/70 and just pulled Clarissa…

My vote for Panther. With so many snipers you are going to spread havoc.


I also recently pulled Alfrike, and also have costume Rigard at 4/70

I think that Guardian panther is the best choice, she is an excellent and Fast mass attaquer with a special with dispel and purpel debuff. Her stats are good and You can use her both in Raid/GDA and in Titan. You can even upgrade your titan maximum damage (debuf from tiburtus + color debuf from panther) with 2 defense debuff :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Another vote for Panther. She’s awesome alone but will benefit your other purples in a stack so much. Clarissa would get the next set for me.

Panther :+1: want one def worth it.

Another vote for Panther

Panther without a doubt.

It’s definitely between Panther and Clarissa.

I’d probably lean slightly towards Panther, but they’re both excellent.

With what you have already, Panther for sure.

Do Panther and never look back -

As she’ll pair very nicely with all of your other maxed 5* purples :blush:

Then when the time comes [again], I’d be choosing between maxing Clarissa or Alfrike [personally], but that may be some time anywho… so more time to think it [all] over; play with em at 70, and decide then :slightly_smiling_face:

I also have Telluria at 3/70, Heimdall at 4/80 - am shooting for the GTV defense - already have Vela at 4/80 - so will have Telluria at tank, gravemaker and vela at flank - who should i put at wings - which purple ( and yellow - have poseidon, joon, malosi, neith, leonidas, etc)

Seshat on left wing for sure. Dispel is great to start the turn with, and she will survive longer than Panther.

Right wing put whoever has the emblems - really doesn’t matter that much. Poseidon or Joon imho best. Malosi wouldn’t be bad but I assume your barb emblems are on GM.

Guardian Panther. Has a very useful specific ability, and has been proven over the long haul to be very good.

Not even reading the other replies… panther. No hesitation. If you don’t have one, you need one.

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