Who to ascend next with my current line up? Wilbur or BoldTusk?


I would still go straight for Magni. Even at 3/70 he is still quite a monster on offensive raids. I have 6 tritons and no intention of upping any of them. I KNOW HE IS A FAST BLUE SNIPER! Grimm is still my one love for 4* blue. Kiril is next. I am extremely bias for these 2 as having more of them is always useful during AW.

Gretel definitely for defense between the 2. Wu is good for offense and helps you punch above your weight. Try to get Jackal from next guardian event. He is one of the few powerhouse 4* especially if you stack yellow.


I agree.

In raiding ( multiple rainbow 4* teams ) I will sometimes deliberately trigger the enemy spirit link to take out corner healers. From looking over many of the Atlantis heroes, I want them for war teams or raid teams but not necessarily titan teams. Wilbur’s buffs make him useful even against Titans ( Has anyone tried him against a reflect red titan ?)

I love the Ramming Pulverizer trio ( Notes RP trio ). Against neutral colors it is nice to pick between a glass cannon ( Grimm ), a shield ( Gormek ) or a jack-of-trades ( Tiburtus ). As you pointed out, against their strong color ( Grimm vs Red, Gormek vs Green, Tiburtus vs Yellow ) it is insane.

But the really nice thing is Grimm + Wu Kong is not as useful versus Green ( Grimm weak + Wu Kong neutral ) & Yellow ( Wu Kong weak + Grimm neutral ) bosses but Gormek + Wu Kong versus Green ( strong + neutral ) and Tiburtus + Wu Kong versus Yellow ( strong + weak ) bosses balances out very nicely. Either just luck, or good design.

Personally I have Boldtusk at 4* 3.60 ( maximum for farmable ascension materials ) mainly because his buff is so short ( Wu Kong outlasts it ) and his heal moderate ( Richard/ Melendor/ Sabina all 42% ). But Boldtusk is great for double strong or double strong & double neutral in war attack or raid attack.

RP Trio

Is Gormek worth leveling?

Thank you for the well thought out response. Now it makes me think I wouldn’t mind pulling Tiburtus just to have the trio for titan variety! Also, thanks for the link to other forum topic. I will def. be reading up on that!


Wilbur is superb against titans. I bring him to every Titan except blue. And red reflect.
Red reflect not only kills him quickly and inflicts lots of damage on the rest of the team (if his special is up), but it reflects back the damage debuff. Do not bring Wilbur into red reflect.

Is Gormek worth leveling?

Can’t speak for use against red reflect titans, but Wilbur was surprisingly useful to me for completion in Epic tier of Grimforest, even with the defense reduction of his special reflected back on him.
I doubt he’s optimal for top scoring in that event, but he made keeping my party going much easier. Something for folks who’re struggling with just getting through to bear in mind perhaps.


Good to know! Thank you for that. I am guessing you brought him to a red reflect and it didn’t turn out well haha