Who to ascend next with my current line up? Wilbur or BoldTusk?

First, I would like to state these are my priorities:

  1. Titans
  2. Raid Offense
  3. Wars
  4. Events
  5. Raid Defense

Second, Here is my line up of A-team/Bench:

I have a dilemma because I only have enough materials to ascend one to max: Wilbur or Boldtusk?

I am also looking to max out Triton, so here is my future look on defense.

Last, I feel BT and Triton go great together, but because my priority is not defense I feel I shouldn’t focus on those 2 as a duo. I have been experimenting on raids with Wilbur/Caedmon, poping off Wilbur and then using Caedmon if needed to remove their Spirit Link which has been great.

I know it is situational, but who will I get the most use out of with my current team for raids/titans/wars??

BoldTusk or Wilbur

P.S. 7dd hero grading shows Wilbur to be better in all categories? hmm

Have both of them. I am a big proponent of Wilbur for titans -together with Wu Kong, simply fantastic. Simply helps with surviving longer. Boldtusk is great, but you can replace him with other healers (I use Sabina or Caedmon for debuffing Will’s spirit link). You have Rigard, he is also great to heal, although no debuff. The attack boost is also great, but again, battle items can replace if need be.
That being said, to me Wilbur is squishier than Boldtusk as a tank, if I cannot get his special activated in time. In raids I have not faced him very often but so far no issues. Boldtusk can give me a headache sometimes.
I have appx. 2000 cups so you might want to wait for others to chip in.


You Need a healer, but i would go with wilbur. He is One of the best 4* heroes. Against green Titans with wu kong Fantastic. :slight_smile:

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I’d recommend Wilbur first, especially if you plan to use Khiona since they synergize well together.


Wilbur, Wlibur and when in doubt Wilbur.

Boldtusk can give you attack and heal a bit but he can’t prevent you to die from oneshots.


I have faced Wibur in raids, and if I can keep my Caedmon alive, it is great getting a free spirit link on offense :slight_smile: Also, may I ask who you use on your defensive team?

Oh yeah you bet!! Khiona is my baby, only HOTM I have, and I love her. “Pop goes the weasel” is the sound in my head every time I fire her off in raids. They disappear… cant wait until she is maxed!

Boldtusk is a viable tank to Diamond, Viable flank to top play, helps increase Titan scores, stacks with Wu Kong.

Wilbur is redundant when stacked with Grimm, you only need one and he’s completely worthless on defense, actually he’s a liability. I get free spirit link and they get toasted and smashed.

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Wilbur keeps your heroes alive during titan fights (and reduces titan defense by 44%) and same goes for tough event levels or raids, he’s rated A+ by 7DD. He’s perhaps not great on defense, but you don’t win ascension items from a defense team anyways.


Although regarding him on defense, that was the best my defense team ever performed honestly. I’d wake up each morning having been raided much more than usual and also winning them much more than usual. I’d keep waking up +150 cups. So I think the juries out on him on defense.

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Can’t go wrong with either. I love boldtusk. Ill soon be leveling a 3rd for war depth. But Wilbur is awesome, especially on titans. Id vote Wilbur, I also don’t think he’s worthless on defense…though BT is certainly better on D. Good thing obviously though, whichever one you don’t level now will most likely be your next red :slight_smile:

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Wilbur if you are using him for titans and quests. He is an absolute monster in those situations especially if you partner him with AoE heroes and able to use mana pots.

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My vote would be for Wilbur. The Khiona Wilbur combination is just too good to pass up. Khiona and Boldtusk specials however do not stack. Special usage of Wilbur special to do the most damage is before you dispel the spirit link fire off tiles into strong color vs weak color or a special onto the hero with the weakest defense. It will calculate it as the strongest damage to that hero and distribute it among the remaining team.


Where would you place him in your defensive team?

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That is very true :slight_smile: I know for sure one or the other will be my next!

Don’t have Wilbur but that -44% defence seems yummy.

Btw: not noticed in beta (my fault) but the quantity of skills he has is notable.

If compared to Gormek he is completely broken.


I was really lucky to pull him with 5 pulls worth of Atlantis gems. Also, I pulled Triton. Made me happy. :grin:

He was tank, flanked by kiril on the left and Sabina on the right. Little John and Li Xiu wings. Basically it seems like people would struggle to get through the middle and my mana reduction/AOE hitters would do the lifting.

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Friend why disconnect the spirit link from Wilbur with Caed ??? Is not it more advantage to use the spirit link?

Why do some turn off the spirit link?

It keeps it on your team, but removes it from the enemy on raids.