Who to ascend Leonidas or Vivica

Hey guys I got these heroes here and I finally have enough to ascend leonidas all the way or vivica. I was wondering with what I have for options what would you fellow players pick for a defense team. Here are all my big heros

Looks like you’re short on heals. Vivica imo.

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You have Kasshrek, Rigard, Boldtusk, Melendor, Vivica… a lot of healers, but not a lot of punch. So I would go with Leonidas since his skill gets better as he continues to level up – whereas Vivica only needs the level ups to be more durable, her healing and defense buff are just as effective at 3 / 70 (assuming that her skill is maxed).

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Leonidas, Vivica and Rigard would be who I would focus on levelling.

Thanks for all the input guys I’ll probably go vivica then Leo next.

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Viv will be much more helpful for you. She’s a nasty corner in aid wars and will always keep your team alive, defended and clean.

Leo only, if there won’t be other options.

My philosophy has always been to get my healers prepared before anyone else.

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