Leonidas or VVK?

Hello Fam!
The question is basic: should i ascend Vivica or Leonidas? Considering i have mats only for one of them by now.
The next question is following: Alice or Frida?

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I suggest Vivica, since you don’t have a 5* healer. Her cleanse and defence buff make her a worthy hero for your team.


I am not really into slow heroes, that’s why i am considering Leo over Vivica.
Based on my raid and war practice, vivica doesn’t do what it need to. She either stay as final opponent or is being dealt with caution early. So when she fires her special, there ain’t nobody to heal except her :slight_smile:

Vivica and Frida.
You can thank me later.

Could you please explain it a bit?
As right now i have mixed thoughts on these two.
Alice is a fast shotter with great attack debuff, which will do wonders against red titans. Currently at 3-70 she is lacking sustainability. That’s why i am eager to ascend her earlier.
Frida is an average attacker and to my mind she will have enough survivability at 3-70, though will check when she will reach required level, as i still don’t have enough scopes.

As of VVC and Leo i have a bit different point of view.
At first i felt that Leo is kinda trashy, but later on he grew on me. One time he almost single handedly won a raid in opposite team. Mana reduction and heal are really great.
VVC then is a good healer, but i don’t really like Slow heroes.

Leonidas is not a bad hero at all, but can’t be as good as the only regular legendary healer of the game.
Great for war defences (where you WANT a healer in your team) great for attack raiding and high level titans.
Sure, she is slow, but you will learn that when she go off there’s nothing you are afraid.

A 12* special? You have 63% defence buff cover for you, no problem.
In a pinch attack raiding? She heal and cleanse your entire team.

Leonidas is a great tactical hero, but can’t give you that.

As for what concern Frida versus Alice, actually elemental debuffers arguably have the most desired skill of the game. When you have one of them you want him/her as strong as possible, as you are sure you never switch them for another.

Alice is a fast sniper such is Magni.
Alice drop attack, but Magni have more attack and buff defence (and it’s “easily” avalaible).
You can use him wherever you use Alice (and have even better result).
Only Arthur can replace Frida, but is much more hard to come by (and you don’t need to chase him at all).

That’s why i told you that.


Now i see a true value of Vivica - thank you. Guess my darts will go towards this fairy creature.
As of blue ones: i will get Frida to 3-70, hope by that time i will obtain those couple of scopes.


Vivica is often used as a yellow tank in the wars. Unfortunately, she poses almost no threats as a tank, it is quite safe to focus the tiles on her, charging your defence debuffer and shooters. She is as threatening as a toothless shark.

She can’t heal others when they’re fully healed, and her defence buff is easily overridden with either dispeller like Caedmon or defence debuffer, so as long as you throw tiles at her instead of flanks/wings, you’re safe.

IMHO almost any other yellow 5* is more menacing as a tank (maybe except Guardian Owl and Musashi). Delilah, Drake, Justice, Joon, Leo.

As a flank, Viv is more tricky, but her slow mana almost guarantees that she never fires before her death. Left in corner in a Field Aid war, Viv can be a nightmare.

Vivica is a part of my rainbow attacking team in raids though, being quite good “second safety net”. The first safety net is Zim, of course.

For defence (raid and war), I’d better give darts to Leo than to Viv. For offence, it not that clear.

Spoken as a proud owner of 3-talented Viv and 3.70 Leo. I wish it was 4.80 Leo.

Dammit. I knew, that i would be baffled, but not that much.
That’s exactly my point with low versatility of VIV. I see her in my titan attacks as the only yellow healer and i probably see her in my attacks at aw, but other than that… meh
I co-sign on the fact, that she provides zero threat to an enemy, but in the same time i don’t have a healer in my AW def team. We play with blue centre and as you could see in my roster, i don’t have any good healers. Obakan / joon / richard / marjana / evelin.
I don’t think that VIV will serve better if i replace Joon with her.

Then you think you can replace Joon with Leo? Leo can actually heal himself.

I happen to have all 4 regular maxed yellow (Justice, Joon, Leonidas and Vivica all to 4/80)

I use Vivica in all my yellow stack (Jackal + Joon for a sure death, Vivica as safe net).
If Vivica shoot i win without a doubt no matter which opponent i face, period.

I use Leonidas for low level titans and Vivica for high levels (the others are of course Joon, Jackal and Wu kong).

I usually use both of them in war offense, only Vivica as defence (flank position)

I use Vivica for season 2 maps and rare quest.

As you see, i use Vivica much more then Leo.

Naw, to my mind Joon is the best out of these three. Maybe when the time goes by, VIV will be more suitable for AW def team in my case, right now i see my def team as a suicide squad lol

This seems more interesting to me, S2 hard maps are pain in the butt sometimes, though if i colorstack against mobs of the level - these levels come out handy.

In my opinion, I’d go with Vivica and Frida. You have plenty of blue hitters, and Frida will compound on top of that. Between her and Grimm, you’ll crack open any red centered defense or red Titans without a problem. Alice just doesn’t bring that to the table. She’s liable to be much more squishy at 3/70 which means she might not be alive to fire in raids.

And my reason for Vivica is the same as others: you have a good roster of solid heroes but no 5* healer. The stat difference really does matter. I have a max+7 Rigard I’m depending on right now, and he can take hits far better than my Kiril or Melendor or even max+5 Sabina who tend to roll over and die if anyone even looks at them funny.

Same argument as Alice: Leonidas just isn’t going to bring much to the table than more tile damage in a yellow stack since you have Joon as your yellow hitter. Vivica’s slow only matters in raids/wars because you can ram mana potions down her throat everywhere else. Her stat balance is pretty solid, so she’s not like Justice where she hits like a pillow but is nigh impossible to take down.

Frida and Vivica give you more options at the end of the day. Alice and Leonidas just double down on what you already have.

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Having at least one 5* healer will change your life. Vivica is pretty good, so I’d level her.


Thanks to everyone for your valuable inputs. I have made my mind up: Vivica and Frida will be ascended ASAP.
@Elpis what are your thoughts on Quintus? I have mats to ascend him and have zero other purple 5’s except fully ascended Obakan.

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I don’t dislike him (honestly i like him more then Obakan) but we have to compare him with the top of the class in purple regular zone: Sartana.

Raids attack: Sartana > Quintus

Raids defence: Sartana > Quintus

Monthly event: Sartana < Quintus

Titans: Sartana < Quintus (questionable with high level titans, and people with many purples can totally avoid to use them both :grin: )

Punchline: if you have patience and it is possible for you to drop her, wait for Sartana.
If not, you don’t gonna regret using tabards on Quintus :slightly_smiling_face:


You know, I myself am the proud owner of Quintus-and-nothing-else, and I’m glad to hear your opinion. Yes I know Quintus isn’t the best, but I personally find map/event/Titans more enjoyable than raids.

I’m planning to make a mass pull on Teltoc to try and get Jackal and Falcon. If the SGG RNG gods smile kindly on me, I might pull Panther, but I’m not going to bank the farm on that.

So that sealed the deal for me at least, assuming my pulls don’t include a more versatile hero than Quintus.

Nothing else for me to add other than :+1: +1

EDIT FROM THE FUTURE (5/4/19): So, um, I pulled Panther. Change of plans entirely, lol.


Same here. Farming hard levels, AW, demolishing of titans - that is what i like the most.
Prolly Quintus will work there, as i used him once in the previous emblem quest, but i felt like, that damage was not enough. I will keep my tabards for a while, will try to haunt for Panther and Jackal also. Though i am mostly F2P player with occasional purchases during events, not even buying all of them this might not work. Will see my luck this time. Last time i made 10 summons in the last day of March and luckily obtained Frida, so i don’t actually see myself getting even close to those :slight_smile:

I’m a couple months late to the party here… Viv was my very first 5 star. So I’m very partial to her. She can be a night mare in feild aid AW, especially if paired with a Kash or Sab. Only my opinion, also feel she has potential in the raid tourneys during the “rush attack”

Proud owner of a viv that’s almost talented, and a leo at 3-70.

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