Leonidas, Devana, Vivica or Thor. Who gets ascended?!?

Hi guys, I have all these 5* yellows and I need to know who I acend first. Getting Orbs has been such a pain in the ■■■ I have 2 of them stuck at 2/60 (Devana, Thor) the other 3 are at 3/70. I’m just not sure where to put these precious materials anymore. I know ascension materials aren’t plentiful, but it seems the other colors have been much easier to come across. Anyway thanks for any advice!
P.S. I have Justice maxed at +20 in case that makes a difference.

If you need a 5* healer or you are short of them - then it has to be Vivica. She is still good for war depth

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The wrong answer is Leonidas.

^This. I would love a second Vivica because I can use more top healers.

Otherwise Thor v Devana is a bit trickier depending on what you want. I see Devana more often, but that could be due to odds rather than the hero itself. Thor also doesn’t synergize too well with Justice given the blind.

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Of all those, Devana looks like the best to me. She rocks and saved me for many many battles. Too bad they nerf her elemental link but she’s still solid enough with that removing of buffs that’s pretty rare in yellow.

I’d only do Vivica if I had the costume…

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Leonidas isn’t that bad… although I agree.

Personally, I find Devana’s minion and dispel pretty good, although I don’t have Thor to compare. But I also have Joon.

Name the heroes you think are worse than Leo? I came up with four at first count.
Of the 35 Legendary Holy heroes, he’s definitely bottom 10.
His costume totally changes that.


A bit off-topic, but the problem I have is trying to do direct comparisons between heroes is that it’s not necessarily accurate. For example, would I take Leonidas over Vivica? Even with her costume? Yes, because I find that Rigard, Melandor, and Sabina with their costumes and/or bonuses fulfill my healing needs. But does that make Vivica a worse hero than Leonidas? I imagine the vast number of players would say no. Regular Leonidas fills that mana-cutting/special delaying niche that few heroes have, on top of his self-heal. And honestly, that role isn’t necessarily that niche aside from the heroes that have some resistance to mana-cutting, or have the cleric talent. On a rush tournament, or war, he can help keep the tank, or other key heroes from firing, which isn’t too bad.

Ranked amongst the yellow heroes, is he bottom 10? Probably, but everyone’s ranking is dependent on playstyle and roster composition. For example, if I had to decide between Sif and Leonidas, I’d pick Leonidas because to me, a damage dealer is more useful than a riposte hero.

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I wouldn’t take Leo over Devana or Thor. It’s a no brainer to pass on him for me.

You make all of the correct points. I don’t disagree with anything you said. It’s well articulated. I just wouldn’t do Leo.

In this case, no. Like I said, I’d take Devana, but then I have Devana and she is usually my go to when there are minion defenses, and there are a lot of them. Or if I need an extra dispeller.

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Maybe unpopular opinion, but I think my vote might be “none of the above.” I’d want to see more of your roster, but it sounds like you might be at the point in the game where you’d be better served by rounding out your 4 star depth before worrying too much about 5 stars

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Thanks for all the good info! Yall have given me a lot to think about. Here is my full Holy roster in case you see someone I need to advance that I didn’t mention.

From your holy roster I would focus on
Gullinbursti, Mist, Gretel, Guardian Jackal, Wu Kong, Candy, Poppy, Agnes, and Pixie
Good luck

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That reinforces my initial thoughts. Definitely think you should focus on your three and four star heroes before worrying anymore about your 5 stars. Agree with @JGE about Gullinbursti and Mist first.

Thanks again for all the info, I always figured 5* ment better fighter. I need to rethink my strategy.

It generally does; however, if you are starting out with limited resources, you’re better off leveling up multiple 4* over one 5*. Particularly if your options are Gullinbursti (I personally forget he’s a 4*), G. Jackal, Mist, and Wu Kong. I’ll throw in Gretel as well since her mana control can help you a lot.

For one thing, you’re probably constrained on orbs, and need some depth if you are participating in wars. Having a bunch of 3/60 4* heroes is probably better than 1 3/70 5* hero. Besides the ones mentioned above are ones you’ll probably use for a long time.

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protheus, righard, kiril, hasel, myst etc.