Who to ascend for 5* green?

I am mostly done creating a team for defense. So with that in mind, who would you ascend, and why?

  1. Mother of the North
  2. Ratatoskyr
  3. Lady Locke

Without knowing the rest of your roster, I say MN, best revive in the game, good healing, great survivability

Rat. Biggest direct heal in the game. A+ vs titans. Very useful in pve, raiding, war. The best healer for a green stack.

I directly disagree that Ratatoskr is the best healer in a green stack. cMelendor and Brynhild both see more game play for me. I do agree v titans Ratatoskr is the man, but that’s it.

For me, brynhild+19 and cMel+19 very rarely get playing time outside of war while I always use Rat when raiding with my green mono. He is also my goto healer for pve. But we are all different.

Pairing Rat with Almur or Evelyn is flat out devastating.

Maybe I will give Ratatoskr some more chances to please me! I don’t have Almur or Evelyn though.

Also not knowing the rest of your roster… I would go with Mother simply because of her revive ability.

Incredibly annoying to fight against.

It depends on your needs… For Titan Rata, but I would prefer MN, she can be used universally for Events, War and so on.

I’m in the same boat Rat, MN, or LOTL. But i am thinking Rat as stated above he helps so much out on titants and raids. That extra attack boost is king. Telli was my only green healer but after 2nd nerf i dont consider her one so I need a new healer at least at average. MN will be second if i dont get Frigg or Heimdall after.

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