Ascension advice: Green hero

Need some friendly advises how to proceed next with Green hero ascension. Currently have 10 tonics and trying to decide if Ratotoskr is worth ascending. Current mono green team:

I image Rato could slowly replace Telluria as healer as well as give some benefits for titan attacks. Other than Rato, do not have other any other solid greens worth ascending so would most likely have to wait for something better.

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Ratatoskr…for Titans …he ll be a really good healer and damage dealer


I would do the rat as well. You need help with a good green for blue titans plus a 5 star legit healer would help all around.


I have given him some of my tonics only to make him sturdier and stronger against blue titans. Still leveling him to max. He is decently usable on offensive PVP and PVE. He ain’t much stellar on defense. Ratatoskr is ideal against blue titans. For me, the best blue titan team is Tarlak (attack boost), Frigg (regular defense debuff), Fogg (massive elemental defense debuffer), Greg (crit bonus) and Rat (tile damage enhancer).

However, I’d advise keeping your tonics until you have 12. Thinking of the possibility (it’s there though slim) getting Kadilen’s costume.


Another +1 for Ratatoskr, great for titan, specially Ice Mythic Titan which is resist defense ailment, so +att on stone and flip -att stone from Mythic Titan special are a huge, just like Jott for Red Mythic Titan.


rata… wonderful for titan and great if you run mono… for offense…

also… hope you get a Elemental Defense down for green… to run with buddy and rata… titan will bow at you…

have fun!!


Thank you all! Will proceed with Rata as suggested :slight_smile:

yep, that is the best choice for titans and good green healer, Bertila is a pain for rush wars

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