Green final ascend

Looking to max my next green but tough choice. Currently I have Morgan Le Fay, Alberich, Telluria, and Kingston maxed. So a little bit of everything there…heal/revive, sniper, AoE, and DoT. Makes my next choice somewhat difficult. I have the following ready to bump to final ascension:

Lianna/costume Lianna
Guardian chameleon
Lady Locke
Mother North

Kind of leaning towards Rat because I like the buff on green shields he provides. Also like Locke for tile damage. Lianna is tempting too as I have her costume. I like LotL a lot too. Really they all have pluses and if I didn’t like them all I wouldn’t be asking, but looking to see if there are any compelling arguments out there for any of the heroes I listed as the next must ascend.


My vote goes to LoTL. Those minions of hers can be quite annoying.


so many good options to choose from. Zeline has debuff, which is handy and Lady Lock cleanses – both of those would complement your current team from a raiding perspective.


Oh you’ve got some tough choices.

Tarlak would be a solid choice for titans… unless you have miki.
Zeline for her debuff since you don’t have eve.
Locke for her cleanse… and her attack stats.

Don’t think you need MN or heimdall atm since you’re most likely tanking with telluria.

Hatter is the fun choice.

Love Lianna… doubt her costume special works with telly’s though. :thinking:

And don’t know much about the others…

With alby and telly… I’d go with someone with speed… prob zel or Lianna first… but I’m a mono chick. :woman_shrugging:


Lady Locke was the first 5* I ever pulled and she is still a staple of my raid team. Her cleanse comes in handy (less so now that I have Guardian Gazelle) and her DOT almost takes out those pesky MN and Alberich wings without me having to touch them. BUT take that with a grain of salt what with me being sentimental and all.

I also have Ratatoskr and his beefy heal at average is pretty decent and even at 3.70 he’s great in a blue titan fight.


Great point, hadn’t crossed my mind.

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