Vela or Arthur?

Just wanted to get some opinions. Got Vela today. I’ve been sitting on Arthur at 3/70. Have enough scopes, capes, and feeders to bring vela up to 4/80 or should I do Arthur? Already have Magni at 4/80. Don’t have any fast area attack characters.

Also, hypothetically of course, if I were to throw Ariel in the mix, how would you order them then (between Arthur, vela, and Ariel)?


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Ariel by a long ways.

Arthur if you don’t have Frida.

Vela I’d do after a blue sniper if you have (Finley, alasie, Alice, Lepus, misandra, magni)


Enough said…

Thank you for the reply. Arthur is in the lead.

Ariel-Arthur-vela before there were emblems 100%. But if you think about putting one of them on your war d, I would always consider who you have emblems for and if they are fitting for that hero too. That final ascension decisions are the hardest sometimes, at least to me, if you have zim then vela won’t see many emblems, for example. I made a bad decision maxing Neith. I was too smitten by her looks I guess, putting her over inari and musashi. Hood on d, so no emblems for Neith, but have no rogue 5star. Was thinking about 2 hours staring at the ascension screen just to make the wrong decision :joy:

Ariel of course then Arthur then Vela:)

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Vela would be complementary perhaps as pos 4-5 in a stack…

Looking at no other factors (i.e. you have no other 5 star healer, you may get Ariel first etc) I would prioritize as following:

Sniper > Defense Debuffer > Healer > Utility/Support > Whatever you like or have

So in your stack now that’d be Magni > Arthur > Ariel > Vela

Get Vela first only if you prioritize looking at pretty faces over everything else.

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