Who to Ascend Alfrike or Freya? Poll

The Three Dark heroes I have atm are Clarissa, Sartana Costume and Jabberwocky.

My alliance also run Purple Tanks. I know both are great tanks but I am really struggling to decide.

  • Alfrike
  • Freya

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Ascend the freak !!!


My vote for rush attack war / tourneys auto-winner

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Alfrike od course. You will own fast wars. As standard war tank Alfie is also good.

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Alfrike shines (only) on rush wars and rush turnaments. Freya is much more versatile.
I would advice yo to ascend Freya first, maybe second Alfrike.

But both are worth the mats so you will make no mistake. Enjoy your decission.


If for Def tank Freya is good but all around Alfrike is way better. She helps with events, titans, maps where you can mana her up and stop specials. In rush wars/tournament she is single handedly the best hero in the game. I maxed her just for rush and use her for so much more


This would be really a tough choice for me. I’m lucky to have both, and I couldn’t imagine missing either one now.

Alfrike is an absolute beast, and very fun to play with (as this is a game, that matters a lot imho). Useful both offensively and defensively - she makes for a strong tank. And quite good also for difficult bosses in the harder event stages etc., I like to pair her with Miki sometimes and it almost feels like cheating… :grin:

She is of course the queen of rush attack, but I truly don’t think she is limited to that despite her very slow speed.

Freya is extremely versatile like @Gimliv said, I’d say one of the most universally useful heroes in the game maybe - I use her for just about everything and she may actually be my most frequently used hero. She simultaneously has the defensive element of her beefy minions, and +30% def boost for the team, and an offensive element because of the minion attacks, which starts to add up when you can get a minion party going (which is doable since she’s fast!). Especially in combination with other minion heroes - I have and love Noor, though many people have a different opinion of her, and they are great together… Noor minions boosted by Freya minions are no joke. I’m actually quite looking forward to playing with Freya, Noor and Frosth together (working on him at the moment). But even stand-alone Freya’s minions are very worthwhile.

Perhaps not the first thing people will think about with leveling decisions, but Freya is also quite good for farming, and with those minions you can skip the healer. My go-to farming team is Freya - Neith - Kadilen - Skadi - Jabberwock (none of them needs to be targeted to an opponent, excellent for the quite dumb auto-playing logic), and it is effective up to surprising levels. At lower levels like S1 8-7, the minions rip through monsters and bosses, which is very nice and can speed things up a lot.

While nobody might max a hero just for farming/grinding levels, and it is not very sexy, it is a big part of the game for most of us and so I think making this “better” in some way is a big QoL improvement. And I think that’s one of the things Freya brings.

And like I said she’s good for so much more - offense, defense, events, tourneys, nothing I can think of she’s not useful for really.

So it’s a hard decision. Purely as tank, I’d give the edge to Alfrike, so if that is you main criterion then I would go with her first. Besides that, it just is a really tough choice and you have to decide what aspect of game play has priority or preference, I’d lean towards Freya first just because of her broad usefulness. Ultimately I think you’ll really really want to max both. Congrats on pulling them, and have fun obliterating your opponents with them. :slight_smile:

Go Afrike. For 1/3 of the wars (and VF 5* tourneys) you will have a godly defense instantly.

Freya is a better tank than Alfrike except for rush attack.

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