Ascend Fenrir or Richard?

I always ascend the wrong hero so decided to request the feedback of my peers this time.

Fenrir without a second thought for me.

I think you will find most people will request to get an idea of your roster to see what sort of role would fit into it.

Without seeing your roster, and just from personal experience, I would say Richard as he is more versatile and can play more roles. He would work very well with a buff/debuff stack with a combination of the following: Kiril/C Kiril/Grimm/Frida.

Fenrir seems underwhelming to me when I face him in defence, and usually gives his lesser chomp that doesn’t do much harm to me. In offence you might be able to get a lot more out of it, and I imagine in PVE he would be pretty strong as you can utilise the 600% chomp a lot more

Both would be used for my offense as fenrir is not a good defense since you can’t control where he’s going to chomp and he only hits one, versus richard who hits three. Fenrir on offense is effective only because you direct his damage to the weakest hero/enemy. As for my roster, he is on my 5th team currently and richard on the 6th.

I have both maxed, but only 1 talent mode on both.
Fenrir gets far more jobs than Richard. He is also in my Titan team against red, but only for tile damage, his special on a Titan with less than 50% health does only the same damage as one tile does

Sidenote: He is my only blue sniper, Magni does not want to join my roster since two years now and I am currently working on Misandra.

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Both have utility, but they are applying for different jobs.

I have Fenrir maxed and with a few emblems, and he is the most efficient finisher in the game, once the hero is below 50% HP. Kills through buffs, through minions, through counter, and the more HP DMG he does, the more HP he recovers. If you want a finisher, he’s ideal. Offense only, as the AI for defence is horrifically bad for him. Do use him on the Titan team too. Great in rush tourneys.

Richard is the original debuffing tank. Don’t have him yet, but have faced him a lot on D teams. He slows down the opposions DMG output, and makes it hard to kill anyone. Don’t expect him to kill much, but will buy you time, especially if you have slow heroes who need time to build mana.

Or, if neither role is needed on your roster right now, save the mats for someone else. Waiting to ascend is never the wrong move in The long term

I had been in the same quandary for a while. Was working on Fenrir, but then got Richard’s costume with free keys. Only enough scopes for one. I have just got Fenrir to 3/70 and moved over to Richard now instead. Feel he will be a better defensive flank, I have other snipers and less competing for emblems. All depends on your individual roster needs though…

Right u are, for defense Richard will be the better choice, but for real playing, heroes you use in offense, Fenrir is far more valuable.
As I wrote above, Fenrir gets way more use than Richard in my attack teams, like raids, war, maps …
Anyway, I do not use my maxed Richard anywhere beside wars, even my 2nd Grimm has more business than Richard there.
Ah, ok. If I use my 2nd Grimm Richard can be involved in my stack

Have both. Fenrir often fails me because ot his 50% condition. Especially in field aid wars he is a liability. I never use him in tourni’s because i can’t rely on him as a sure thing.

Magni or Alice would’ve killed those targets, Richard maybe, but if he didn’t you at least have some form of protection because of his attack down. For me, the old meatshield is an underrated hero. He hits 3, two minor damage means that often he can kill the main target and his support staff (3 blue in a normal 3/2 stack will most likely charge at around the same time) will kill the other two.

Fenrir is a fun albeit situational hero with good art, if you want to be sure something gets killed he is not your guy

Another vote for it being somewhat roster dependent…

Without costume, Richards stats generally will be noticeably lower than Fenrir’s. If you care about tile damage etc (titan team) then it’s a no brainer.

Used properly, Fenrir is a great finisher.
Richard is more of a grinder, he’s durable but doesn’t hit all that hard and the debuff is fairly useful.

With a deeper bench and no costume for Richard this is almost a no brainer.
With only one or two maxed blues at 5* level, maybe not quite so simple.

Don’t have Richard, but I really like Fenrir. I generally lack heavy snipers, so I was happy to max him. My experience says that in about 80% times his mana is full there’s a target with less than 50% health - and he take them down. Wether it was due to tile dmg, or weakened by other specials. Sometimes I do have to wait a bit before I unleash him, but for those 600% dmg I don’t mind.
An obvious drawback is that sometimes you would like to hit hard some specific hero with health above 50%, but so far I didn’t see that as a major issue.

I find Richard to be more annoying when raiding. Fenrir CAN hurt, but Richard seems to be more consistent.

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