Who to advance? Ideas please


I am now down to working on my team 5 and 6 and have the energy to level up some lower level heros. If all these guys are at 0…and you are looking at putting together your team 5/6 for war efforts, who would you level up first…

Blue: Greymane, Boril, Sonia
Purple: Obakan, Tiburtus, Quintas, Rigard
Red: Colen, Sumitomo

Thanks for your advice!


Rigard, Sonia for sure

Sumi if you weak on snipers
If not, go for Colen


Boril tank, Rigard, Colen, Tibs and Sonia


In my honest opinion it would have to be Sonya, Rigard, Tiburtus and then Boril

Rigard > Tiburtus > Sonia > Wait for the next powerful hero or Obakan/Quintas/Boril/Colen what you like.

@ESCEJ For Blue it depends on what you are looking for in your playstyle because out of the ones listed for blue, two out of the three are really good. Broil is really beefy but Sonia can be both offense and defense. Depending on how you are planning to go down her grid, she can be a balanced tank so to speak.

For your purples, it is difficult to choose just one. As three out of the four are really good ones. Rigard → Obakan → Tiburtus.

For reds that is a no brainer for me. Sumitomo everytime.

The fact that you even listed greymane suggests that you don’t have a full 3* heroes.

If that’s true, then you’re also probably lacking mats to max your 4* heroes.

If you can’t wait, then take rigard to 3/60 as he’s the best 4* healer imho with the cleanse. Then max him once you have compass, gloves, 4 trap tools.

He was my first maxed 4*, really elevated my team for raids, defense and events. Good luck.

Finish your 3* heroes first. Work on your 4* once you have the mats.


And def wait on those 5s.

You’ll use your 4* core of heroes for a long long time.

I actually have a decent team for a new-ish/free only player. My top team is 4052 and I have 13 5** heros. My current top 6 teams have all 4** players…except blue. I have been very unlucky on the pull for blue. I recently pulled Sonia, and Boril - Greymane was a place holder on team 6, and knowing I was likely soon to replace him, I built him up a tiny bit and that was it.

For purple I was stuck because Rigard and Tiburtus seem like decently performing 4** purples…but Quintas and Obakan are 5*** so I was at a loss for which was the better move.

For red, Colen was holding 6th team position and I had barely touched him because I pulled Marjana so I was putting all of my red efforts into building her up to a Team 1 or 2 hero. She’s maxed now, so I have time to work elsewhere. Then I pulled Sumitomo…so was trying to decide if Sumi makes the 6th team spot, or Colen.

I currently only carry 5 3* players, and the only reason I do is to play in the raid tournaments when they call for a 3** team. They are all “A” performers and maxed so they just wait patiently on a 7th team for the most part for a chance at the tournament. (except my darned Greymane problem!..Ahhhh Blue!)

Thanks again for your help everyone - your help is very valuable.


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