Help with team composition and advancement

Hey all,

this is currently my strongest team - Bane/Colen/Kashhrek/Rigard/Sonya. Incidentally, the 4* heroes here are basically my only 4* heroes (I have unleveled Little John as well).
I also have 2 5* heroes, Obakan and Quintus.

At this point I have only ascension mats to ascend the purple ones (Rigard to max tier or Obakan/Quintus to Tier 3) so my first question would be: should I go with Rigard and level him all the way or should I go with Obakan and ascend him to tier 3? Rigard would give me survivability but my overall attack power won’t go up by much or should I go with Obakan who is a better attacker, but I will then lose out on a healer?

as for the second question, given my lack of depth in the 4* department and my overall bad luck with pulling 4* heroes and 4* ascension mats, should I start thinking about using emblems on my 3* heroes?
I have a bunch of maxed out 3* heroes but I’m not sure whether I should be saving up the emblems for future 4* and 5* heroes or should I just spend them now on 3* heroes (Bane, Balthazar, Valen, Belith…)?

Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated :slight_smile:

If you have the mats, ascend Rigard without remorse. He is one of, if not the best 4* healer out there and is cleansing ability is a huge advantage in all phase of the game.
As for your emblems question, it can’t hurt to give emblems to the 3* you use the most.
If embleming your 3* help you clear more quest/events or help you get higher scores on titan, they are worthy to be used.
Getting a stronger team helps get more unfarmable materials which in return, get your team stronger and so on :partying_face:
Have fun !

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