Who should I work on first, Kunchen or Sartana?


I just drew 10 dark heroes. I got kunchen and sartana. I have no other 5* purps. Just curious who will end up being more useful in the long run?


Sartana 4^80
Kunchen 3^70, he will heal and buff the same here like maxed one


Do you lack 5* hitter or 5* healer because it really comes down to that.


Sartana, regardless of your team’s current perceived needs.


Sartana imo, her death snipe is powerful and helps take down big threats quickly. Kunchen is a slow healer and tank who needs support, by the sound of them being your only 2 5star darks though it doesn’t sound like you fully have the support he needs yet.


what about sartana vs kunchen vs kage?


Kage 100%, his special is powerfull and buffs can’t stop him. If you have these 3 hero Kage>Kunchen>Sartana for max


Legendary healers are really rare, so if you have already snipers i would go for Kunchen, otherwise Sartana.


thanks :grinning:
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No problem mate :wink: