Who should I work on first, Kunchen or Sartana?

I just drew 10 dark heroes. I got kunchen and sartana. I have no other 5* purps. Just curious who will end up being more useful in the long run?

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Sartana 4^80
Kunchen 3^70, he will heal and buff the same here like maxed one


Do you lack 5* hitter or 5* healer because it really comes down to that.

Sartana, regardless of your team’s current perceived needs.

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Sartana imo, her death snipe is powerful and helps take down big threats quickly. Kunchen is a slow healer and tank who needs support, by the sound of them being your only 2 5star darks though it doesn’t sound like you fully have the support he needs yet.

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what about sartana vs kunchen vs kage?

Kage 100%, his special is powerfull and buffs can’t stop him. If you have these 3 hero Kage>Kunchen>Sartana for max

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Legendary healers are really rare, so if you have already snipers i would go for Kunchen, otherwise Sartana.

thanks :grinning:
20 chars…

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No problem mate :wink:

I am in the same predicament. I have Kunchen at 60 and just drew Sartana. I do have Khiona and Victor maxed for dark heros. I use Rigard almost 100% of the time.

I have snipers. Joon and Lianna both maxed. I tend to use Khiona next to Onatel to boost her hit a bit.

I am lacking mats so they will both be at 60 for a while but I am torn on who should get the trap tools and tabbards when they come.

Thanks for your input!

That’s a tough one. I guess I’d go Kunchen first and then Sartana. Even though he’s slow, Kunchen has better survivability maxed than Rigard.

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That is a good point. I didn’t think of it that way.

It’ll be a while but make sense.

I wish I could pull a green, blue, or red 5*. I have all the mats for those minus 1 4*.


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I have both at 2/60 as well. But they are both a few back in my hero queue. I’ve got panther at 4/51 so i still have a week or so before I’m done with her. Then I’m maxing Proteus because i have found maxing a 5* so taxing! After I’ll need to decide if i want a sniper or a healer first. But, i have the mats to do all 3…
I pulled Ariel, so i have her too as a healer, but she’s far back in the queue as well…

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I am hoping for Frida during the event. Even though she looks like Sonya on steroids with a small dogs head. She is still pretty cool.

I don’t have many 4* I need to max out. Most are dupes I have been keeping around. And unfortunately 1 of them isn’t a 2nd Proteus.

I like some depth on offense for raiding & AW so I prefer the extra purple sniper to use in purple stacks against yellow tanks, my vote goes to Sartana.


That is a good argument as well.

I have some time to think about it and see what else comes my way.

This is why the forum is great. So many opinions that make you think.


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Who is kage? …

Kage is an atlantis hero


He is pretty good


I knew this one , I thought only kage :slight_smile:

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