Who should I work on first, Kunchen or Sartana?

I only have my one 4* team maxed (sans green since my first round of mats given i only had Lianna and skittle to choose from.)
So this is my first Proteus. The way i went about my heroes was to make my first 3* rainbow, then my first 4* then i went back and did a second 3 rainbow team.
Then i brought a 5* team up to 3/70. As i was waiting on the last of the mats to fully level my 5s to last ascension, i started working on 4s to 3/60 and 5s to 2/60 for war depth.
So, my next step is maxing a second set of 4* before i bring another group of 5s up to 3/70 to wait for the next set of mats. I have 21 heroes sitting at their mat line waiting to be brought up to the next level. I collected a lot of ascension materials as i was doing this. It gave me time to use these heroes in war teams and get a feel who i wanted to finally pull the trigger on.

So, back to topic, i haven’t played with Kunchen much on my war teams. A HUGE factor in him not getting pulled from the bench is that he is so slow and it feels as if everyone will be dead before i get him powered up. Normally in my 4th-6th squads of heroes I’m trying to go in and at least bust holes for my alliance’s weaker squads too. I try to bring as much fire power as possible and quite often stack 3-1-1 or 2-1-1-1.
Kunchen’s value for me is going to be eventually as part of a war defense or raid defense team. Or to bring with me in difficult levels to not have to bring so many healing pots. Because i didn’t get Richard until after i maxed Sabina she is in that roll for me. It took me 8 months to get my first set of tabards, I’m hoping it won’t be so long for the next set!
I guess one thing is that it gives me time really think about which one next.
Sartana is one scary lady! When she fires i hold my breath and wonder who she might one shot or pretty close to it!

Having the same problem… can’t decide between Kunchen or Sartana, already have one sniper and one healer maxed (Kage and Aeron) … Sartana would certainly be a solid up for me, but I don’t see her getting emblems currently… where I could see Kunchen getting them since I didn’t pull Ariel… tough choice this one. I’d be happy to listen to any advice.

How looks rest of your heroes? Can you add screnshots with them?

Without this, max Sartana if you have <4 fast/vary fast snipers
If >4 - Kunchen

My Kunchen is not even maxed (4.25 and counting) and recently I win most of the defense raids in low diamond when raided by people 3800-4000 TP. Got maxed Magni, Zeline + Wilbur and Boldtusk. He is great, and under +def buff he is rock hard. If you have snipers, you won’t regret Kunchen tank.

For snipers I have Alasie, Arthur, Lianna and Kage maxed with Marj and Greg coming up soonish potentially… (realize 2 are average speed)

For healers I have Viv, Ares and Aeron currently maxed, no 5* green or blue healer currently.

Help at all?

IMO you don’t need Sartana much now.
Kunchen is hard and he can’t be bad choise.

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Thanks for the help.

I got 13 tabbards in 13 months so it could be another 5 till I can max either. who knows what will happen between now and then.

I double purple and yellow on raids so Sartana can go quick with the right play. but yeah when she goes off someone is usually dead.

I don’t know if I like kunchen as a tank then he’s a target. using someone to take focus off home may work better. but then it may be too late. I actually use Onatel at tank now.

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I have Joon and Lianna as snipers so Sartana could be nice there. But the 2 normally get the job done.

Right now I use Onatel as Tank. She holds decent but not the best option so there is that argument as well.

But is Kunchen a tank? You normally don’t want his heal to go off first although the extras firing early would be nice.

Kunchen can work as a flank probably bu I see him in yellow-purple team as a tank or flank for Guin

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I don’t have Guin and don’t really want her.

She is like having a DH on a fantasy baseball team. If you only have 1 UTIL spot and a good DH they take up a spot in your lineup that could be used bases on matchups. I don’t know how well this comparison will go over but that’s how I see it. She has her spot and will never leave it most likely.

I do have an abundance of yellow and purple. Joon, Onatel, Khiona, Victor all maxed. 2 Drakes @ 70, Kunchen @60, and Sartana just getting started to 60. Plus just about all 4* maxed.

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2 hitters + healer will be good choise, if you dont wamt Kunchen in your Def team he can help you with quets, yellow titans and raids.
I think Lunchen with yellow flank will be something like Guin woth purple ones

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