Kunchen or Sartana...and the rest?

So, I finally ready to bring Kunchen to final ascension. The problem is I accidently press the epic hero summon button and here comes Sartana.
Should I go ahead with Kunchen or power level Sartana and let Kunchen wait for maybe another year? Or I will missed one of the tough tank for long…

Current line up was Richard at +4 (tank)with Lianna +4, Anzogh, Rigard +10 and Rumplestiltkin or Kiril at +13 the buff.
Since I’ve got limited legendary heroes at disposal, planning to go with Rumplestiltskin, Anzogh, Kunchen, Richard and Lianna.
Rumple is a gamble though. If he buffed, Anzogh will be more effective.

Inputs are highly appreciated.
Thank you.

Depends on what you want.

Offense / Defense / Titans?

I would actually suggest Sartana as your first 5* purple.
Kunchen is less versatile but still works great.

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Am actually looking for a sniper. Absolutely no contest had it been Seshat. I know Kunchen is a great tank material but a sniper can be quite tempted.
Else, I may bring up Sartana to 3 60 and gauge her practicality from there.

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Tough choice you have there. Kunchen being one of the best tanks in the game and far better then Richard in that spot. U have lianna as a sniper already but understand you may want 2 (especially in your defence).

If I had to choose ide say go kunchen, there are still alot of other good snipers out there u may obtain.

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I like the idea but the problem is I don’t know how long it takes to pull another sniper for someone who just turned f2p.

Just remember this rule.



Unfortunantly no one does, could be tomorrow could be a year it’s how it goes. It will really come down to what you enjoy most whether its raiding, titans, quests and so on. My main focus is war and raids and building a strong defence team aswel. From experience, kunchen gives me more trouble then sartana. End of the day there is no wrong choice, both great heroes mate

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I am actually leaning towards Kunchen too but except Lianna, my other three 5 * s are of average mana. And a slow Kunchen tank may allow the opponents to charge their snipers in time.

Tough choice. Sartana was my first hero so I’m a bit partial to her but Kunchen would be a good tank upgrade and you have some offense on that lineup as Richard, Lianna, and Anzogh all deal damage (Rumple not reliably but I like how he fits in to your team as a wild card). Sartana packs some punch but not enough to one-shot somebody, I think you might get more use out of Kunchen. All of those heroes are sturdy and can take a couple shots from the other team.

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Kunchan works incredible as a tank. Sartana is a beast at sniping. I have them both fully ascended with teirs. Hard call for sure.

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Take into consideration how hard it is to get an ascension mats, a real tough call indeed.
I’ll probably just toss a coin to decide…lol.

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I generally like Kunchen better, he his a beast. But with your current heroes I’d probably focus on Sartana first. You have Rigard at +10, Anzogh and Rumple (1/3 the time) healing already. Need someone to take the other team down.

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I have Sartana and Kitchen on my vc2p account. I only had the mats to ascend one of them. I chose Kitchen over Sartana. Here’s why it worked for ME. Your situation may be different.

  • Sartana is useful at 3.70 while Kitchen needs to be 4.80 since he’s a tank taking the hits. Sartana can survive at 3.70 tucked into the corner.
  • RNG has blessed that account with lots of tanks. Since it’s a vc2p account, I work with what I have. I run a 3 tank and 2 sniper team on defense - Zim, Kitchen, Khagan, Aegir, Lianna. I win a lot of raids with that setup. 2 tanks in the middle just wouldn’t work the same.
  • Wars are big in our alliance. I use the same lineup (or a version depending on tank color). That team wastes more of our opponents flags than my main account with an emblemed Santa tank surrounded by emblemed snipers. Again, it works because of the 3 tanks.

Hopefully some of that will help. Your roster may be very different so make sure whatever you do works for YOU. :grinning:


Compare your tanks to your snipers. I personally would ascend whichever one will more quickly increase your game play.

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I have Kunchen flanked by Colen and Wu in my defense team (I know, crazy team lol) and I stay at 2500 cups with no problem. This morning I was #1 local at 2650 cups.

For defense and wars Kunchen is one of the best. For offense I’d choose Sartana over him. So, maybe toss a coin or wait till Atlantis Rises? Who knows, you could get lucky and summon Seshat :slight_smile:

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Well, Anzogh is heavily dependant on the buff from other heroes. In case Rumple does not buff, I guess Kunchen’s def down buff will help Anzogh too.
This will probably my diamond line up for months to come.

Had it been Seshat, the mats surely been hers.
Yeah. Am gonna wait for Atlantis. Finished off my gems there and hopefully RnG Gods will send my dream heroes…yay!

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I’m using Kunchen flanked by Anzogh and Poseidon. I’m very happy with the raid defense results and have no regrets maxing either one.

Kunchen is a bit too slow for me to use regularly on offense. I’m maxing Ariel for that.

My alliance is very happy with my war defense team. Kunchen is a flag robbing, 0 point tank regularly.

Good luck at the Atlantis gate.


Ariel is much better on offense compare to Kunchen.
Let see if I could pull a more viable option during the Atlantis. Which is of course, much harder than winning a jackpot…lol.
Else, I am ready to ascend Kunchen as he is more sturdy than Richard as a tank.
I need heroes that hold the cups overnight and I reckoned Kunchen at +5 emblem will fit the job.

If your focus are cups then Kunchen.

If not, Sartana or Seshat or even Kage during Atlantis.

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