Kunchen or Kage?

Hello guys!

Here is my doubt:

I was happily leveling Kage when Kunchen came along. Now my heart is divided and I’m not sure what to do now.

What should I do?

My defense team is Isarnia 4/80, Zimkitha 4/80, Mother North as tank 4/80, Joon still on 4/74 and Sartana 4/80

I also have a baby Guinevere and Onatel and Inari which I’m leveling right now. But still way too low. Don’t know why Holy is so hard for me to level.

Anyway… which one do you guys think I should focus on to level first? Don’t want to waste mats, but I want to built a strong and reliable defensive team that let me rest assured at nights lol

Thanks in advance

20 samurai swords of Kage

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Looking at your lineup I’d say Kunchen would be pretty valuable as a tank. I’d move Mother North to a corner instead too, her revive effect is pretty useful there.

EDIT: I realize that Kage meant the samurai now… lol no idea that was his nickname. I’d go with him

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I 100% agree, Mother is NO tank, she belongs in the Left corner, Sartana on right wing and it depends on what you need…another healer; then go with Kunchen, if you need another Sniper go with Kage and until you get Kunchen fully leveled use Isarna as your tank with Zim flanking one side and Joon on the other

Thanks @Ray008
I’ll do the moves and see how it goes the next few days. Mother, Zim, Isarnia, Joon and Sartana, meanwhile I’ll level Kunchen first as I think with Isarnia, Joon and Zim I have good attacking power.
Wish I would have a debuffer though. I feel that’s what I’m missing more in my team…

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The purpose of this game especially raids is to kill enemies faster and kage can handle that rules.
Killing key enemies faster will lead u to win. Kage vs kunchen hands down to kage


Honestly it’s Kage by such a wide margin it’s not even remotely funny. Kage is better at any defensive position, including tank. Do it and never look back. Kage is one of the best heroes in the game. Kunchen will be relevant only for Titan hits after his novelty wears off in a few months


Kage hands down. Guinevere will eventually tank for you, and while you wait, MN can keep tanking for you. The revive is fairly wasted in that position, but she’s best suited for it [out of your options] stat wise. Kageburado is ten miles ahead of Kunchen in usefulness. Kunchen is just another slow healer with defense down. Isarnia does that better than him, Zim cleanses better, and [arguably] Mother North heals better with the chance to revive + minions. Kunchen doesn’t have much that you need, but Kage does, which is a very fast, kick a** sniper. Kage all the way


Kage :100:, you already have Guin as a future tank.

I’m not kidding when I tell you Kage is a serviceable tank. He’s not a Guin replacement by any stretch, but he’s like a poor mans GM and just deals out insane damage

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Thanks guys! Kage it is… will dedicate a bit more to Guin now that I got Joon fully leveled and with those two I hope to have a solid defense.
Thanks again to all for your time and input :blush::blush:

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