Who should I upgrade?

I currently have Horghall, Lianna, and Tarlak, and I only have the mats to fully level one hero. Who would the best hero to max?

The obvious answer here would be Lianna, bring Fast Mana and an absolute sniper ! But it will also depend on what other heros you have in your team as far as getting a good balance and what you plan on doing most (raid,titans,wars, story etc).

Long story short, cant go wrong with Lianna :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your input.

Id do Tarlak, he is good on raids and is the best attack buffer on titans.

Certainly not Horghall. Lianna is the consummate sniper. One shot, huge damage; no muss, no fuss. Tarlak is Boldtusk on steroids.

If a sniper adds a lot of value to your bench, Lianna. If a healer/buffer, then Tarlak.

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Tarlak only buffs 100% normal attacks for 4 turns vs Wu who buffs 122% (185%x .66) for 5 turns on normal and special attacks. Wu is the best attack buffer

Lianna or Tarlak are the only two that matter in this equation.

Lianna really needs to be at 80 to max out since she’s solely an attacker.

Tarlak is amazing, since he buffs and heals everyone, but that works just fine at 70.

Depends on the rest of your heroes, how leveled your bench is, and if this will be your first set of 5* going to 80.

Lianna if you need a solid attacker, and she’s your first going to 80, as she’s useful everywhere. One of the best attackers/snipers in the game.

Tarlak if you already have enough leveled attackers. That buff is amazing, and being at 80 will help him be less squishy. Not great on defense, but awesome for offense and amazing for Titans and events.


Even I did this mistake one day but then I saw the light:

So Wu kong would give
(100+185) x 0,68 = 193,8% ATK
opposed to Tarlak’s 200% normal ATK

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Tarlak. The only hero to dope your whole team without being drunk and miss shots (Wu).
Great for titans and helps you get ascension mats.

Lianna only if you have no other snipers on your bench and is great for raids since she one shots most heroes. :slight_smile:

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If you like to gamble in an important moment. Yes.

echo echo it’s between tarlak and Lianna and it depends on what you need most, healer and buffer or a hitter. Also tarlak does his job just fine at 3/70 and Lianna improves significantly the more leveled she is echo echo


Yes, I thought of this a while after I posted. Wu Kong’s still better because its 193.8% normal and special attack for 5 turns vs Tarlak’s 200% normal only for 4 turns.

PS. didn’t mean to hijack thread

Nah, it’s not hijacking… it’s a discussion over a possible OP’s hero ascension :slight_smile:

Wu Kong’s buff is strong but it would lose to Tarlak’s reliability: missing a stun is dangerous on high level titans (Wilbur would lower risks) and dead heroes doesn’t get damage buffs.

Yeah, Wilbur and Wu are part of my titan team + 3 strong color.

For my current defense team, everyone else os maxed. I wanted to max one green 5*. Decided to go with Lianna this time around. liked the idea of fast mana over healing since I have other healers. The next person I wanna max is tarlak. Thank you guys for all of your advice.


i got Magni 3-60 and Triton 3-60 , just got my first 4 capes , i wonder should i go to Magni or better Triton first , i dont have mats for last asc for Magni yet

You should’ve created a new thread for that. I’d go for Magni. His buff is working very well even on 3/60.