Lianna or Tarlak for first 5* 4th ascension

Have both at 3.70 but still waiting on tonics. I’m loving tarlak on titans with his maxed special and Lianna hits hard. Which to ascend first when the mats come?

I think this may have a lot to do with what other heros you have as they are very different.

I have Wu at 2.58 who i use against red titans and caed, marj, and sartana waiting for mats to 4th as well. Also just pulled magni recently but hes still at 1.1

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That would speak for Tarlak imho.

Anyway Liannas time will come, too.

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Tarlak and Wilbur with bold, Mar, and gormek make green titans just melt…

I really wish I had Tarlak lol, but i think is more of a niche hero, I mean, if your main focus are titans go with Tarlak [i would lol], but since is your first 5* green you should go with Lianna, which can be used everywhere, defense included. Lianna has to go at 4/80 to unleash her full power. Tarlak if you’re lucky the titan wont focus on him and he’s still usable at 3/70, but even at 4/80 his defense is shaky…

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I would say Tarlak given you have other snipers. They will benefit greatly.

I was in the exact position and maxed tarlak first and have never looked back, usable on every titan with amazing results, I am always placing top 3 in my allaince of 8 & 9* titans. Also great attack stat.
Although it pained me in wars to use Tarlak knowing lianna would have been better for that. But on the daily Tarlak was the right choice for me.

Depending how war oriented your allaince is and how close you are of breaking into platinum or diamond league may want to consider lianna.
I have since final ascended lianna and am looking forward to swapping out Tarlak on my main D.

Also, my maxed tarlak still stands up on 8 and 9* titans and usually survives with out any healers.

Since you only miss her once every war, he’ll make you smile multiple times every day hitting the titan.

So for me there’s no question whom to ascend.

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My daughter started an alliance so I’m with her now…my other alliance basically folded when 3 key people left. I raid my way into platinum daily but my def cant sustain me there. We are only hitting 4* titans mow as we are getting more players in and I’m helping them with advice and such. Very war oriented but again not quite the quality as most in my alliance are far below my level. I’m leaning tarlak as I’ve had lianna at 3.70 for almost 6 months waiting on tonics and shes been just fine there. The boost on titans would help my alliance more right now i think as well.


I chose to ascend Tarlak before Lianna and it was one of the best decisions I have made in this game. No regrets!