Tarlak or a second Lianna?

Hello friends!! I want to ask you a question. After seeing my green team, what hero do they think should be promoted, Tarlak or a second Lianna? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Tarlak… for diversity and for titans.

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If titans are your primary concern, do Tarlak.

If war and raiding are your major focus, and you run mono, get Tarlak’s skill to 8/8 and then leave him at 3/70.

In a green mono team you don’t often need tarlak’s Boost, and his speed is out of sync w eve and Lianna. He absorbs hits (seems like the AI prefers targeting him from my anecdotal experience over 3-4 months he was on my main team… and he gives minor healing… but otherwise his special just makes you kill heroes with tons of points to spare, but they are just as dead most of the time without his boost.

Lianna on the other hand smacks down almost everyone, and eve plus two Liannas is very good.

Eve plus three Liannas is 80 percent of my strongest mono team…

Eve makes Liannanananas monsters.


That’s a MoNo team in more ways than one

How on earth did you get 5 4* troops in green. I’m still waiting for my first, one year on…

Sorry should also answer the question - Tarlak for diversity

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I’ve had around 11 of them. Green and Blue - tons. Too many. Red and yellow… scarce. Purple I got 5 first and none since

what an interesting analysis!!! Thankyou so much.

Thankyou for all your advices!!