Who should I level up?


I have enough items to only level up one character. I don’t know which one I should do. I need to level up the one that will do well against the Titans, in wars and to defend in raids.


Thanks for the help!

If you need healer: Delilah
If you don’t need healer: Poseidon


Leo can wait, I know that much

I would lean to Poseidon, but if you already have a maxed sniper like Joon, then maybe Delilah, a big heal at average speed plus minions is very good

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I have Joon at level 10. But he seems to die pretty quickly. I also have Vivica at level 12; she’s pretty good. I just don’t want to waste the leveling up items on a character that I regret. I have Magni at 13, Marjana at 13, Seshat at 11, Telluria at 11, and Freya at 14. They are currently my defense team.

Save your resources and wait!


As offered by @yelnats_24, it is a choice between Delilah or Poseidon. Delilah would be a better healer than Vivica because the former can fire her healing as an average hero while the latter is too late to fire her saving heal due to her being slow. Delilah also offers minions to all, an added protection to your ailing heroes. On top of that, her Revive talent is ideal for her as she can turn a losing battle to a victorious affair. You may retire Viv if you plan to ascend Delilah. But if you are already content with what Vivica offers in the field of healing, your other recourse is a hitter in Poseidon.

I have both, Delilah +4 fighter, Poseidon+7 fighter
I plan to get Delilah to +7

Highly emblembed fighters are most annoying in defenses, if the revive two or three times in a row (your confirmation bias will remember for sure) they will fire their special for sure, taking them out with (off color) tiles for 1hp will charge them.

I do have Viv at 3-70 (no costume), I do not have joon leveled yet, but next to get the darts.
I have jackal +20 full atk and Leo +1
Leo is out for your choices as others have already mentioned.

I switch them in my war defense, for field aid I use Poseidon, my defense goes without healers (beside Telly tank), for arrows and atk boost I use Delilah.

My premium yellow stack contains both, Delilah and Poseidon

My team for purple titans has Poseidon for high atk stat inside, but no Delilah, her minions take too much time each round.

So I would recommend based on what you already have, I am talking about joon or viv.
You need a yellow healer, Delilah.
You need a yellow sniper, Poseidon.

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