Who’s next

Who should I level next I’m at a standstill

I would go Delilah
You have no yellow healer and she serves better than Vivica.

Anyway, I would do one more 4* first. Do have Wu Kong?

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Ya I have wu Kong and a few others here is my full roster

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Delilah no doubt after seeing what you have already.

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If you can do another Rigard, Malosi may be better. Counter all the tanks.

Deliaha or maybe the sheep

Level Li Xiu costume, and then Delilah.

I’d max rigard’s costume… like yesterday.

Nice roster! :slight_smile:

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Yes, costumes also should be maxed on maxed heroes too.

Even with my maxed kunchen I guess he would work for events ect

You’ll end up loving rigard more. Level 5 mana troops for him and tibsC… you get essentially the same benefit of kunchen, but faster… and with a 48% attack buff and some damage.

Delilah, next Lady Woolerton which is very good synergy with Poseidon.
Then Rigard costume, 2nd Jackal, then Li Xiu costume.

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