Just maxed Rana? Emblem route?

Hey all. I just maxed Rana after getting my 6th dart finally. What is the best route for her? I have enough emblems to get her to about talent 10. Thanks!


My brain read this as Dawa and I was eager to read the responses! :rofl::crazy_face::rofl:


good question, and may also to depend where you primarily use her. I have her only at +1.
i think the key question is also: give the emblems to Rana or better to someone else. there is quite some competition in this class… i am still sitting on the monk emblems as I cannot decide, but actually tend to give them Wilbur, and rip them off from him in case I get Joon some day…


Following… I pulled Rana last Seasonal. But she got preempted by Gretel and Poseidon. Gretel is maxed and Poseidon is approaching 3-70 so he’s eating Yellow 2*'s while I’m starting to feed Rana the Yellow 1*s.


I used my Monk emblems on Wu Kong, as he is at +18 and imo maxed as far as needed for emblems. I have enough left to get her to talent 4. I have Poseiden at +10, and Joon at +1. But bc I have Poseiden I didn’t need another talented sniper, so I figured Rana was my best bet. Also, I do not need Wilbur emblemed bc I have Agier using up my Paladin Embs. Hope this helps. I was leaning towards the attack route as I mostly raid and war with 3-2 or mono.

EDIT: I do not have many other monks worthy, and became basically f2p now that I have stacks of heros and no mats. So I am not expecting to pull many 5* special heros anytime soon unless I get lucky with tokens, or saved daily gems.

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I’d hold off giving any emblems to her until you’ve spent some time playing with her. She has a fairly middle-of-the-road stat line, so I would push her either in an Attack>Def>Health route (most likely) or Def>Health>Attack route (if you want her tanking or flanking on war defense.

Remember that her DoT will scale up with her Attack stat. Her self-cleanse helps a lot on keeping her alive.

My Rana is solely on offense (Guin or Drake gets the defense spot), so I’d take the attack-heavy route myself (were she to get emblems, which won’t happen soon).


I think the attack helps her more than some extra health. I have her at +6 on attack and defense.

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