Help: Kageburado vs Onyx

Kaheburado vs Onyx

I considered my self lucky to have these two amazing dark heroes. Atm I do have 6tabards for only one dark hero. So, they both 2/50, Barbarian emblem 1000k vs Ranger 50. Eve eating all my ranger atm.
But I just need to know which one deserves the tabard so I can add it to my line up. I got Joon, boldstuck, elena, Evelyn and rigard on my defense. I never payed attention heroes skills until lately, keep visiting here to check pros and cons for certain hero.
Please if you can help me figure this out that would be a much helpful to me. Thanks in advance!

I would rather have Onyx than Kage on my team. But if you have 1000K barbarian emblems I’d gladly take Kage+20 over Onyx+1.

Onyx of course.
Kage only deals damage and removes buffs.
Onyx can deal 2x (or even 4x) damage , plus it removes the buff, and does not allow the hostile hero to get a new buff. And most of all it means very, very fast
What more can be expected from a hero?

One million emblems? Teach me how to get them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On a serious note, you would be happy maxing FIRST Onyx than Kageburado. He can serve you better in both offense and defense. Kage is just a glass cannon and he doesn’t seem to kill if the enemy sniper has 49% HP.

I thought 1m supposed to be 6digits lol that’s 1k. Anyway thanks. My heart goes to onyx as well, but the thing that holding me back with kage is the emblem. Thank you tho! So I guess It’s Onyx :slight_smile: thank you all!

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