Who should be the next green project

I have the following heroes fully or mostly leveled…

Rigard. Tibertus, Sabina, proteus, Sartana, joon, chao, mist, wu Kong, Grimm, kiril, sonya, richard. Misandra, heimdall, caedmon, Brynhild, littlejohn. Tyr, wilbur, Scarlett, Boldtusk, and elena…plus a gaggle of 3 star heroes. I am almost done with Heimdall and need to choose the next green. I ok only have 3 tonics…4 in a few days with path of valor…who should I work on next for green. I have
Lianna, kadilen, skittleskull (i have only sabina for sorceror) other than 3 stars , gadierus. melendor, another Brynhild, Jack o’hare or Telluria. I am active in raids, contests and everything the game offers.

I’d go with Melendor. He’s a solid 4* healer/dispeller, and his attack value for titans is pretty good.

I realize you have Lianna & Telluria, but I’d go with the solid 4* for now, knowing that he’s got a lot of utility, and he’s not a duplicate for you.

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I thought so. I have his costume as well. I just didn’t know if it was too many healers. Plus I wanted a reason not to choose skittleskull.

Too many healers is a problem once you get to 20 or so, I’d think. I sometimes use 12 per War - and colors matter.

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Thanks for the advice. Melendor it is.

Melendor, then his costume.

If you have 5 tonics after that, then start on Lianna.

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