Which green project?

What i have maxed: lianna, elk, skittleskull, globber, cademan, mel, peters, aife

My options: groot, second lianna, atomos, gaderius, LJ, khash, a second hero of the other classic 4s, aife

I have 4 tonics and zero d.blade. The next rare quest is tonic so I will have to wait a whole cycle if I did not get any tonic in between

Lianna is the best you have, of course, but if she is sitting at 3.70 she isn’t that useful. While waiting around for tonics I would ascend Little John, who is nice for titans with his high tile damage, and is very useful in 4* rush attack tournaments. Gaderius is also nice some tournaments, but is more niche.


Aife for sure :rofl:

Lianna, John, Gaderius
(none of the others)

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LJ now… isn’t zeline up soon in AR?

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I think i go for LJ. Lianna isn’t v useful at 3-70

I’v looked at what you have. I see that you are short on toys for a 5* so which of your 4*'s give me the most problem(hardest to kill) 1) Khash as a tank, 2) Gad as a flank and LJ is so squishy I wouldn’t. even with his high tile damage(doubt u will use him for titan given ur lineup)

In the 5* world i change battle plans due to Aife and atomos

I wouldn’t go for khash because i am at diamond and khash tank isn’t useful there. I often like to raid khash tanks because they don’t hit back. Besides i have +9 lianna in my defense team and would not want to take her out for anyone

i use lianna, skittleskull (860 attack stats with emblems n costume), isanria, BT and Rainvir against blue titan (which i did surprisingly ok given it is the only color i do double stack only) n i don’t see how i can fit any of these projects in

I guess the most best use for my green project is in war. I am in a mid level alliance where we are up against many blue tanks alliances which drain my green heroes v fast.