Who is the best hero? (Neith, Leonidas and Malosi)


You should ascend Malosi, he is very fast, has a nice elemental link and is a great counter to heroes such as Telluria and Kunchen.


Malosi is really good on offense, but if you need a hero for defense as well he doesn’t do much there. Neith is quite solid on D, but isn’t as good anywhere else, plus she is a ranger which is full of other heroes better than her. She’s fine on offense, but Unless you have the troops to run her at 9 tiles I feel like she isn’t great.

Without knowing more of your roster I can’t say for sure. Not Leo, though

You would get a better informed decision if you showed your roster.
From what I can see I would go for Malosi - good in offence and should be good against Telluria
Whichever hero you choose good luck

I dont know how good malosi is but neith is seriously underrated


Malosi for offensive raids, its priceless in buff / debuff control.
Neith only if you need holy into your defense team really badly.

think you all. i choose malosi

Probably Malosi. On defense Neith is probably better though, because I am sure Malosi will punch Lianna or Magni when controlled by AI.

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