Next Holy LB

Hey everyone, I’m feeling like it may be time to lb one of the above. Quick thoughts of mine, Thor and Malosi come to every yellow 3-stack but wouldn’t make my defense, and I am looking to place said chosen hero on my defense.

I run this defence currently in reverse V

And these are my currently LBd holys

Thank you in advance!

i got thor and malosi.

thor is super bad don’t touch him.

malosi is rarely used due to low damage among the sea of AOE big hitters.

so i vote for horus eventhough don’t have him personally

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I see no reason to replace Zhuge Liang on your defense. Any of those choices would be a downgrade in my opinion. With that being said, and with the heroes you have already LB’d, this is a purely luxury option and I would go with whoever you enjoy using the most. Of those, my choice would be Malosi as I use him a crazy amount in raids. Doesn’t matter if he would make your def team as you already have that sorted so have some fun.

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:


Horus or Neith? If you ever change defense to a different colour tank you need to replace Zhuge.
Whoever you play with the most would still be a good argument to pick by.

Really anyone but Thor makes sense for one thing or another…

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Of those options, I’d go Malosi.

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I’d do Horus. If you use Neith or Malosi more, do one of them.


Horus 20 flippin characters

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Neith or Horus!

Both are worthy and deserves LB!
If you don’t have emblems for Horus I would probably go with Neith first, otherwise Horus first.

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