Who is better? Domitia-C(CB) vs Seshat comparision

Yes every time and especially between 9 and 8 and 8 and 7.

There was a time where I thought just like you but it was because I did not had the troops to see the difference but now that I have I really see how valuable to gain one tile.

That’s so much frustration when I see for exemple my Panther charging in 8 and my moreau in 7. It happens every day (I’m not overstating it really happen every day as I do 90% of my raids with them).

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I agree. Sometimes the player needs to have the proper higher level troops themselves to experience the great impact they have.

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Feels a lot like this, but…

Imma definitively say: Seshat

  1. Replicating minions (nothing in the game like it; makes her a powerhouse to try and take out, puts some pressure on the opponent, and can lead to a lot of situations where she’s the last one standing and wins)
  2. Resist to mana cuts (great counter for today’s tanks like Bera and Freya, and for yesterday’s tanks like Guin, Neith and LotL)
  3. Fast speed vs pseudo-fast speed (cuz yeah, that does matter; why you don’t see many with leveled troops using Eiora vs Kingston, Gregorion vs C. Lianna, King Arthur vs Alice, and same here with C. Domitia vs Seshat - cuz the former is typically stuck at where the latter begins, while the latter can shave off enough for a seven tile charge)

Great points, but I will ask you:

  1. Why fast vs pseudofast matters, if synergy (like CRigs) is pseudofast?
  2. Manacuts - only vs Freya/Bera. But poison can finish them without triggering, and cleanse is way more valuable than dispel due to Sabinyash is better than CRigs.
  3. Replicating minions is very good, agree. But why folks do not like Devana (her minion is as beefy as 2 Seshat’s)?

Actually I saw one Eiora in my Watchtower today from one of few attackers with V40)

  1. C. Rigard has no real fast replacement, and therefore a moot comparison. We use C. Rigard as he’s the fastest (and most accessible) cleanse and attack up [with heal] for all in the dark element. As soon as someone with fast speed comes along - with a very similar skill-set - is when C. Rigard will be retired

  2. DoT is a very specific niche counter, which would require you to fire before they fall, and again, that doesn’t always happen; with Seshat, you can fire before or immediately after. However, even if you do manage to fire beforehand, your mana is still gonna get cut, so you can’t have any mana stored to avoid that - and that’s not always an easy thing to do with combos

  3. Devana would have to fire twice - at average speed - just to have two minions; it’s the average speed, and non-replicating minions, that is the issue here. Seshat only has to fire once, have her sole minion survive a turn or two, and then all of a sudden, she’s got two (basically equivalent to what you’d see from Devana without the extra one to two tiles it would take). & Before you know it, a few turns later, boom now she’s got three. And this all happens anytime she fires, which, at fast mana, is pretty often. So in essence, Seshat’s minions can see up to 54% HP (more like 18% x3) and 45% (15% x3) attack [from one firing] while Devana’s will always be stuck at 35% no matter what. (& Again, we’re talking fast vs average here)


Well written @RandaPandah :heart_eyes:


Stop bothering our teammate! What he thinks and writes also makes sense! Then it’s everyone’s way of playing, the style of play! The bottom line is that both heroes are very good!

We are not bothering him :blush: he created a good valid thread and we are giving our opinions. If no one answers this topic will be closed in few days. If u don’t want us to add any opinions we will not add :blush:


Listen, nobody said not to express our opinion on something, after all, we have a Democracy! I wrote it more as a joke not to stone him.
Now if you do not like some comments you do not have to answer like that!::))

Read your previous comment. Nobody talked rudely here. We are expressing our opinions in his thread. Everyone has alliance members here😄 let’s get back to thread.


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This topic is to compare Seshat and Domitia not to judge my attitude. I’m not here to impress you :blush: it was you who was talking rudely and all of your comments highlights that. Judge yourself before pointing others. Btw I’m out from this thread. Anybody else commenting here be careful your attitude will be called bad if you comment :blush:


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I like both too (one on each account)

domitia has two good versions especially after the damage buff, she would have been much better if her holy defense and costume cleanse be applied to all allies instead of nearby only.

seshat’s minions are great and always good to have

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