Who gets the Tonics?

Who gets the Tonics? I’m sort at a stand still here. Tonics are by far the most rare mats I tend to get. I’m not overly impressed with any of these heroes. I was hoping to get Mother North, but no go so far. Costume Kadilen gets my vote with Margaret at a close second both for the dodge, and then Zocc. Lady Locke has never impressed me. She was one of my first 5*’s, and my first green. She’s far to squishy. Groo…I mean Horghall well he’s Horghall. Unless someone can change my mind he’ll stay where he’s at for a while. My best green is Frigg who’s also on my defense. These would be for titan/war depth primarily. I’ll add a picture of my defense so you can see where my emblems are going. Monk emblems are going to Joon, and Santa. Thanks in advance.

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If for titan proposes and war depth i think Margaret/Lady are the best choice from those. They are who have the highest attack stat therefore who would impact in your titan line up against red ones.

I dont have Lady but i have hear she performs really well in offense. Her DOT can turn her into a really sticky hero and she can do some interesting damage.

If you were looking for a defensive hero id recommend you Kadilen but its not the case. So , personally i would do Lady Locke.

If they were my heroes my personal preference would be

  1. Kadilen and costume (i need a tank and she can perfom in offense too, not for titan i think)

  2. Lady locke

But i understand you are not looking for an specific tank


C-Kad for sure!

Raid D core of Frigg-Garnet-Kad is savage.


I also have this problem, Kingston, Ratatoskr, more 2 Liannas and Guardian Chamaleon waiting for tonics, I have a Elkanen but I’ll not use him, my full heroes are 2 Liannas, Margaret and Zocc…

Depends on what facet of the game you need improving…

I don’t have Chameleon, but a guy in my alliance family has him and LOVES HIM!

With two Liannas, Rat of Cham seem more useful for variety, which is the spice of life apparently.

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Yes, Chameleon is a very underrated hero, i simply love to use him, even at 3/70 he’s very useful, i already tried to use with Ratatoskr and the board become a green death shower

Kingston is very popular. That might be who I’d go with. Lianna, and the squirrel are solid choices as well.

My only issue with that at the moment is she’d compete with Garnet for emblems. Future team maybe though!

Kadilen uses druid emblems so no competition with Garnet.


I suggest investing the tonics to Kadilen and her costume. Her costume version is a good pair with your Frigg as the latter will cause defense debuff to all enemies while the former will benefit from such ailment caused to the enemies by dealing greater damage to all. Both are fast heroes so you are sure they have their manas filled almost at the same time. Moreover, costumed Kadilen is good offensively and defensively and even if fully emblemed following the attack > defense > health nodes, she is still sturdy enough with over 900 defense stat and almost 800 attack stat, with a skill that may evade offensive specials. And when both Frigg and costumed Kadilen are used to flank a red tank, they work wonders together. Just make sure you have punishing heroes on wings like Cobalt, Finley, etc.

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I have experience with both Lady Locke and Margaret on different accounts so they are both 80. I think both are useful and usable.

Margaret is Very Fast which makes it easy to get to 6 tiles with a 5* mana troop which is pretty handy. Being able to charge up on 2 matches or a single set ghosted entirely is nice and even though her damage isn’t huge just being very fast can be useful in getting that bit of extra damage off to finish off a tank before their ability goes off. Her high attack also helps with tile damage. The actual dodge ability is pretty binary. Either it does nothing or it saves you a ton of damage. She was pretty underwhelming prior to the rework but post rework I think she’s useful. Because she has a much higher dodge chance into high damage snipers I do not think she’s quite as useful in the current meta but it can still be very good in the right situations.

I also got Lady Locke as my first green 5* and held off taking her to 80 and waited to pull a Lianna for my first level 80 green. I’m c2p so I didn’t really have any other good options so I went ahead and took Lady to 80 and I’ve found I actually like her and she’s my primary green. She does play a little slow with back loaded dot damage but it really hurts as long as it doesn’t get cleanses. Remember the dot damage does scale with emblems and troops. Mine is currently doing 1151 damage to 3 enemy heroes. That is really strong damage. Also don’t forget the cleanse on her ability. A cleanse on Average mana speed is pretty handy in the current meta.

It’s close between them but if had to chose I think I’d go Lady Locke. The dot really does hit hard as long as it completes and cleanse is really useful in the current meta.

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Frigg - Garnett - cKadilen is one of the absolute best, if not the best, frontline a defense can have.

  1. C kadilen is awesome. She is a priority

After c.kadilen, lady locke better than what left

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Not with her costume. The class changes. They are both sorcerer class. Regular Kadilen is Druid, but I don’t find her nearly as useful without her costume.

I’ll try it out. It’ll be a while before I can get her emblemed as Garnet is priority for now.

The class changes, but the emblems don’t. Kadilen is a Druid and takes Druid emblems only…even if you put the costume on her.


Oh wow, thanks! I did not know this. I assumed that I’d need to emblem her costume with class appropriate emblems if that’s what I was using. The more you know…

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