Which Green gets the tonic?

Which hero should get the tonic ?

Lady Locke

Current max green - Lianna, tarlak, zeline
None of the above hero will be in my defence . Kindly advice.
Thanks in advance.

Elkanen and Kadilen are without costumes? If so, I’d recommend Atomos. He hits all quite decently and has good survivability. If you have the costume for Kadilen, then costume Kadilen.


Kadilen 100% because of the costume even if you don’t hav it least its ready for it

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I’d also recommend Atomos.
Regarding costume for Kadilen - if you are not a huge spender it can take months of even years to get one.


I might suggest Margareth, based on your Heroes, i guess you don’t have Mana Troop lvl 23??
Margareth is still very useful against lots of Sniper.

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I recommend lady locke, although she is the only one out of the bunch I don’t have.

  1. Her damage is really, really good, ignoring buffs. Yes it’s cleanable but you don’t face too many defs with a cleaner. Against double formation she is crazy and at least ignores sifs riposte (although her dot gets put in half from sifs damage reduction)

  2. Kadilen is nice, but you have with zeline a hero who does pretty much the same, maybe a little bit better even. If you get the costume, Kadi should be top priority, but without not so much. And without spending huge amounts of money the chances that you get her costume in the next time are super small…

  3. Atomos is nice to have, some good damage and the revive can sometimes be useful.

  4. Mageret works really good against sniper defenses, but sadly you don’t see them that often. I still like her and against some defenses she is still great but probably sees the least action out of them during raids. But great tile damage so useful for titans.

  5. Elkanen is just meh. Not super bad but nothing to get exited about, best use pair him with almur if you have, without almur I wouldn’t think about leveling him.

As always recommendations are just subjective, but that’s how I would rank them (although atomos and kadilen are really close for me)


I say wait.
If you desperately need one, then kadellin or Atomos.
Kadellin will be my choice, zellins attack down and kadellin defense against spl skills both will be valuable ones in battles, if you pair them .
And both are fast.
Atomos good on rush attack. But I’m not a fan of him, with so many dispelling heros around there.

I´d suggest Kadilen. pair her with Zeline and you´ll have a nice hit all damage granting you a lot of sustain.

I’d go with Lady Locke, she’s a cleaner and cleaner is very important. Much use with her

I have all of these except Margaret, and i only use one daily, its Lady Locke. Her damage is insane with emblems and the cleanse is very useful. She can obliterate double formations and laugh Krampus in the face. Max her, you wont regret it. I dont really get the Atomos hype lately, i have one leveled but never really use him.