Who Gets The Mighty Mighty Tonics?

Trying to fetch some help on which green to level next. I’m torn between Haulstone and Queen Anne. Should this not even be a question? See my greens below and thanks for any help you can give me.

  • Queen Anne
  • Haulstone
  • Other (Please specify in reply)
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Queen Anne is good but slow… Haulstone is great defensive hero…very underestimated.

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I know Haulstone rocks on defense. Really rocks.

However, is he any good on offense? I have Ma’at and Green Knight 2lb on my defense team already. Will it be a big upgrade?


i use him daily on offense

l have no complaints really

i will say i use 2 healers in every attack so that does help his value. idk how good he is as just the only healer in a team as i don’t play that way and haven’t in ~5 years? somethin like that


I go back and fourth using two healers. I always use 2 on 3-2 teams

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