Who gets my scopes Thorne or Finley?

I was going to ascend Finley but then I pulled Thorne today. His defense is really big, I’m having second thoughts about ascending Finley

Finley 10x better then thorne, no doubts
If i pull thorne it will be maximum 3.70


Joke thread…20 har hars.


Congrats on Finley… :muscle: :+1: :tada: :sparkles:

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Thorne also has a much bigger sword. These things count for a lot.


Not joking. I know finley is fast mana, but Thorne has a really big defense and he hits harder. 480% compared to 385%. Which would you choose?

Finley in a second. I’m planning on Finley over Fenrir next

If you are serious, then know that Finley is one of the best heroes in the game and is absolutely is devastating. Thorne is ok since his last buff, but generally still considered one of the worst 5* heroes out there. This isn’t even close to a question: Finley by a mile. Did you see the guy that dropped $300 today trying to get a Finley?? Yes, he’s that good. By the way: that guy didn’t get him.


I got him with challenge coins for free

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You could always ascend both being as though you have 12 scopes. If only one Finley is absolutely best.

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Also, although Thorne hits at 480% and Finley hits at 385% their base damage needs to be considered. Finley has a much higher base attack stat so even though his special damage % is lower, it ends up hitting similar to Thornes special since Finley has the higher base attack stat which is also better for tiles.

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What about Finley vs Fenrir?

I’m going Finley there. His ability to drop defense makes him a Titan killer plus his chain attack can be devastating in a Raid

In my honest opinion, I would focus on Finley first 100%. You will not be disappointed.
However, I would also max Thorne - with his buff a few updates ago he is a good Ice 5 star and he will get a costume soon I am sure.
Good luck

Finley yes! No question!

But I’d save your telescopes for someone other than Thorne… Anyone other than Thorne… He’s that good :confounded:. Although that’s just my opinion :wink:.

Although, with a yet to be released costume, may prove worthy?

I can’t believe this is a real question. lol

Finley… and if you pull another one… do that one too before thorne.


The answer of Finley vs any blue is 99% of the time Finley. The only time I could think of recommending another blue over him is Ariel if the persons roster is devoid of healers.

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Who would you max thorne over though?

Think that’s the odd part of the whole thing

I can’t think of any 5*blue at the moment that i would find less appealing than thorne

Which from what i gather thorne is decent with emblems but…so is every other 5* blue…

Finley is the best blue hero atm.


ROFLMAO You so funny!!

FINLEY!!! (Grats…)