Finley or Misandra? For defense

Was lucky enough to draw Misandra last Atlantis and was all set to ascend her, but then I pulled Finley last week and I’m reconsidering. My question is who would you level up for a place on defense? Misandra seems pretty well used on high level teams, but I’m leaning Finley personally. He kind of just seems like a better version of her. Only have mats for one right now so am really debating.

What do you guys think? And what position would you use Finley if that’s your choice? Wing like Misandra normally is?

I’m doing the same, mis will have to wait at 3/70

Finley , consider him as Athena but Fast mana

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I vote finley. Even though misandras 42% chance for extra hits when she’s on defense seems more like 90%


I have the same as KLinMayhem. Misandra is great. Her hit% feels more than it says. And not only that, the “minor” damage also is not that minor. I more and more like her to play with. Unfortunately I do not have Finley so I cannot say anything about him.

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I’m the opposite. I rarely experience her extra hits which is why I’ve never been impressed with her in practice. On paper she looks great. And i know many other players love her. Just hopin at some point i see her live up to her hype

Finley World be my choice​:grin::grin:

Ive already fought a few Finley with emblems in diamond and he’s much worse than misandra to fight. She is bad but rarely does that second hit. He is guaranteed to keep going as long as the first hit finds a buff enemy. With Kiril, bt, etc they’ll all be buffed so you will have a sniper that hits all basically. The damage decreases but it still hits. Finley no doubt. You won’t regret it.
Mis is used a bunch in diamond but I think anyone with Finley is replacing her asap from what I see already.
Good luck…

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You rarely see misandra hit your team with extra hits while raiding? Interesting.

Yup very rarely. Have even shown recordings(idk if i can find them now) where i have left her as the last hero standing and forced her to go off multiple times(at least 3 times) and not once did i get extra hits

He’s not Athena on defense. Not even close. Maybe on offense where you can control then when and how.

For titans i agree

On a defense team, i would rather face average mana athena that only lowers the defense of 3 at most

And Finley can lower the defense of just 1.

True but how many heroes do you use that dont buff? Especially hotm?

Think every team i have has a minimum of 2 to 3 buffers even if not intentional(hotm)

In top 100 wars, i could see him being pretty effective

In 3-2 stacks or mono stacks with all maxed 5s, it’s almost a guarantee to have at least 1 hotm in the mix that elemental links

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I certainly won’t be bringing buff teams vs Finley. And make him a priority after the tank, because Finley won’t tank. I really won’t fear him on a defense.

I’d just have to snipe him or hold off a special til after his hits-one. I personally run these combos a lot, with lvl 23 mana troops…


Honestly, my own roster, I recently realized it’s built around debuffs and not team buffs. The biggest benefit of having so many classic heroes. Even my healers are mostly emblemed 4 stars… Rigard, Sabina, Melendor… I think my roster is more typical of an average player.

Edit: Yes, I realize a couple of my combos have a hotm… but they wouldn’t be activated unless I can kill him.

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Basically if people are smart, he’s avoidable. As are most heroes who depend on conditions to perform well on defense. Because the attackers control the environment. On offense however, he’s a monster.

Misandra scares me more. Her conditions are her own, and she often hits more than once. Which is all Finley will hit me.

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So you’re saying if you and your teammates saw 15+ finleys in war(about how many alasies we see now), he would be completely avoidable without weakening any team synergies you and teammates would normally use?

Raid defense is irrelevant these days as far as I’m concerned. Fun for discussion. But when a hero’s defense value is involved, I’d rather look at war where different synergies are forced with proper coordination that can put opponents in awkward predicaments and trip up their performance

I dont have Finley, but got a maxed Misandra. Man I dont get her hype at all!!! She underwhelms so much… i wish I could get her scopes back

We will never see 15+ Finley in war. The only event hero that has ever reached that high was Guinevere, and that’s because there Ave been so many chances to get her so far, compared to 1 for Finley. Now that there are only 2 rotations a year, I don’t expect him to be popular on defenses… especially if they’re running blue tanks. He isn’t far and away the best of his color for defense like Guin was, nor is he valuable for the most important position, tank. He will be great for offense, but I think there’s better choices for defense.

We rarely see blue tanks in the top 100. I’m talking wing position which many use either alasie or misandra. And with more and more players moving towards multiple fast mana heroes that hit multiple opponents in their defenses, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see him on the battlefield in quantites of 10 or more and still believe he has a bigger chance of hitting multiple than misandra does

Sure “dont take heroes that buff” is an option, but who is going to rock 3 or more teams without a single buffer? I don’t even have that many s1 5s maxed to do that. And generally each new 5 that comes out has at least 1 buff involved.

Game was in a weird place when guin came out. Most didnt see her value and we didnt have as many whales back then. It was uncommon at that time to see players using 5 maxed 5s. Believe when wars came out even a lot of 7DD were using 4s. I could be wrong tho. Either way comparing game’s current status to then isn’t exactly black and white enough to draw a direct line.

I’ve faced at least 3 finleys in raids since yesterday and i know i have at least 3 to 6 teammates that pulled him including myself.

Sure in c2p/f2p alliances, i agree uncommon sight but i don’t feel that makes him inferior

Too early to tell honestly. I’m purely speculating until i face him more and we see how many maxed finleys populate defense teams within the top 500 players.

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